SAP BW on HANA - Data Provisioning

Data Provisioning deals with replication of data into HANA database to be used in HANA Modeling and to be consumed using Reporting tools. There are various data provisioning methods that are supported in SAP HANA system data replication.

SAP HANA Replication allows migration of data from source systems to SAP HANA database. A simple way to move data from the existing SAP system to HANA is by using various data replication techniques.

System replication can be set up on the console via command line or by using HANA studio. The primary ECC or transaction systems can stay online during this process. There are three types of data replication methods in HANA system −

  • SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) Replication method
  • ETL tool SAP Business Object Data Service (BODS) method
  • Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)method