OS Process Q & A #3

Question: What are the advantages of Multiprocessing or Parallel System?

Answer: Multiprocessing operating system or the parallel system support the use of more than one processor in close communication.

The advantages of the multiprocessing system are:

  • Increased Throughput − By increasing the number of processors, more work can be completed in a unit time.

  • Cost Saving − Parallel system shares the memory, buses, peripherals etc. Multiprocessor system thus saves money as compared to multiple single systems. Also, if a number of programs are to operate on the same data, it is cheaper to store that data on one single disk and shared by all processors instead of using many copies of the same data.

  • Increased Reliability − In this system, as the workload is distributed among several processors which results in increased reliability. If one processor fails then its failure may slightly slow down the speed of the system but system will work smoothly.

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