Linktree Alternatives

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a tool with the help of which you can share multiple links on different social media websites. Linktree helps in the creation of landing pages on the Instagram bio. This will help to increase the traffic in different areas of your website. The tool has free and paid features which you can use to promote your website.

Cost of Linktree

The price that Linktree charges from its customers to provide its services can be found in the table below −




INR 1,000 per month


INR 450 per month


INR 250 per month


INR 0 per month

Why Linktree alternatives?

There are many disadvantages of using Linktree and some of them are as follows −

  • Free version has limited features

  • Starter version has limited statistics and a limited number of backgrounds

  • Some Linktree links may be marked as spam by Instagram

  • For landing page customization, you have to make a payment

How to choose a Linktree Alternative?

Linktree has many advantages listed below −

  • One bio link can be used for gathering all the links of content available on your website

  • Opening an account on Linktree is easy

  • Customization and analytics options available

Top 10 Linktree Alternatives

Linktree has many alternatives and we will discuss some of the topmost ones here.

Alternative 1 – has been developed by a social media management platform known as Later. You can use this tool to convert your Tik Tok or Instagram bio into a landing page. This landing page should have a long list of links. can be used for the promotion of blog posts, social links, websites, products, etc.


  • Easy customization of landing pages

  • Add a large number of links to your landing page

  • Links on the landing page can be grouped into categories

Alternative 2 – SeedProd

SeedProd is a landing page builder plugin from WordPress. You can use SeedProd to create different types of pages and customize them. A landing page can also be created where you can list all your links You can create a custom URL on your Instagram bio as a single link to redirect your users to your website. Customization options are better than Linktree as you will be able to edit the background, text, buttons, colors, icons, etc.


  • Readymade templates available

  • Page creation and customization can be done through drag-and-drop builder

  • Contact form can be added to the link page

Alternative 3 – Koji

Koji can be considered as a new platform and an excellent alternative to Linktree. Koji has mini apps which can be used to enhance their presence on social media. Links can be organized and custom branding can be added with the help of an app called bio link.


  • Bio link can be easily customized

  • Drag and drop editor available

  • You have the option of adding your own domain name

  • Clicks can be tracked through analytics

Alternative 4 – Taplink

Taplink is an alternative to Linktree which is available for free. The tool permits you to host a link in bio page. The tool has a lot of features and elements and you can add them to your link on the bio page. Some of these elements are images, videos, payment links, and many more. Products on the landing page can also be added.


  • Direct payment links can be added through PayPal, Stripe, etc.

  • Products can be added to the landing page

  • Audience can be tracked through integration with Google Analytics and Facebook

  • Has more advanced features in comparison to Linktree

Alternative 5 – Beacons

Beacons is another alternative to Linktree that can be used to make a bio page where you can store all your links to be published on social media. Beacons is useful for those users who want to sell their products and services online. It can drive traffic to your website and generate leads to enhance sales.


  • Custom domain can be created

  • Call-to-action buttons can be added to the landing page

  • Easy integration with Shopify, Etsy, and other popular e-commerce sites

  • Readymade templates available for designing the layout of a landing page and customizing it

  • Links can be categorized

Alternative 6 – Tap.Bio

Tap.Bio can be used to display social media links and products by creating profile cards. A vertical scroll is not present on the landing pages and this differentiates it from Linktree. You can add links in one section and add other elements in other sections. There are limited options of customizations as font name, size and color of text cannot be changed. For the theme, you are allowed to add only a background image.


  • User interface can be used easily

  • Integration with Google Ads and Facebooks Pixel

  • No vertical scroll available

Alternative 7 – Milkshake

Milkshake is an alternative to Linktree which can be used to create a personalized landing page. You may include all your links on this page and this page can be optimized to be used on mobile devices. This tool is one of the best for those users who want to represent themselves online with everything organized on their page.


  • Customizable templates available

  • Can integrate easily with social accounts

  • Track your performance with the help of analytics

  • Milkshake is a mobile-friendly tool

Alternative 8 – Shorby

Shorby is an alternative to Linktree which can be used to make a bio page. The tool comes with a lot of features which you can use to customize your landing page. You can use content from different social media websites and WordPress. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messenger apps can also be integrated. The tool has a drag-and-drop interface which you can use to edit different elements like buttons, thumbnails, links, etc.


  • Messengers can be integrated

  • Features available to customize your landing page

  • Drag and drop interface

Alternative 9 – Campsite

Landing pages can be easily created through the Campsite tool, an alternative to Linktree. Users can enhance their social media presence with the help of this tool as it allows them to provide a single link which can lead the users to multiple links of your website. You can promote your blogs, websites, e-commerce stores, social media accounts, etc. through the tool.


  • A large number of templates available which can be customized to make a landing page

  • Can add an unlimited number of links

  • Analytics provided for tracking the number of clicks and views

Alternative 10 – is an alternative to Linktree and is more advanced comparatively. You can organize your content on your landing page. Survey polls, optin forms, can also be added. GIFs can also be embedded easily. The tool has been devised for large businesses.


  • GIFs can be embedded

  • Customizable themes available


Linktree is a tool which can be used for creating landing pages. These pages have different types of links. The link of the landing page can be added to the Instagram bio. The tool is expensive free and starter versions have limited features. You need to purchase high-end plans to get more features. There are many alternatives to Linktree whose plans are available at affordable price.

Updated on: 07-Jun-2023


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