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How to Improve Website Architecture in 8 Easy Ways?

Biswaindu Parida
Updated on 31-Mar-2023 15:38:03
In simple terms, website architecture is the visual and technical structure of the website. Web designers generally use the term while planning, designing, and developing a website. Technically, a website architecture is a logical website layout created per the user and business requirements. It is a collection of components that comprise a website and its services to the user. You can classify the components of website architecture into four parts Visual − It includes the user interface, buttons, colors, and other visual elements. Functional − It includes the type of services the website will provide. Technical − It ... Read More

Difference between URL and IP Address

Md. Sajid
Updated on 06-Mar-2023 10:49:21
The IP address and the URL are the two ways to identify resources on the internet (Uniform Resource Locator). An online resource, similar to a web page or an image, can be accessed by clients or users using a URL, which is a human readable string. For example, you can browse a website using the URL "https//". The hostname (in this case, (""), the protocol being used (then, " https"), and sometimes a particular file path or set of query parameters which includes in the header information. Any Internet-connected device would have an IP address, which is a numerical ... Read More

Difference between Add-on Domain and Parked Domain

Md. Sajid
Updated on 02-Mar-2023 15:05:07
Add-on domain and Parked Domain are related to the concepts of website hosting and domain names. Although both allow the registration of multiple domain names, but their roles and goals are different. An add-on domain is a different website which is hosted within your current web hosting account and has its own distinctive content. A new folder is created in the web hosting account when an add-on domain is formed, and the domain name is connected to that folder. Which makes it feasible to have many, unique websites under one account by enabling the user to upload distinct files and ... Read More

How to Make Your Blog/Website SEO Optimized?

Mrudula DD
Updated on 02-Feb-2023 18:19:18
The performance and success of your blog or website depend on your ability to optimize it for search engine optimization (SEO). It ensures that your website is performing properly. If your blog or website is SEO-optimized, you'll be able to increase traffic and your chances of converting visitors into paying clients. Additionally, a website that is designed for conversions often has superior metrics, including a lower bounce rate and longer time on the page, which increases the likelihood that search engines will give it a higher ranking. This article will discuss some tips for optimizing your website or blog. However, ... Read More

Differentiate between .com, .net and .org domains.

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 21-Mar-2022 11:40:22
Domain names will always have an extension which is also called a TLD (Top Level Domain) (. Com used for Commercial for-profit websites) (. Net used for Network-related domains) ( .org used for Non-profit organizations)When we are making websites, we can choose from a wide range of domain extensions. The extensions are originally created for different types of websites each having a specific meaning.We have to choose a domain name extension which fits your business while helping you build a recognizable brand in your industry..comWe use .com domain name because the .com domain name indicates a commercial site. .com is ... Read More

Difference Between and

Updated on 23-Apr-2021 06:46:40
In this post, we will understand the difference between and −Wordpress.orgIt is also known as the real WordPress.It is open source, and can be used by anyone.A domain name and a web hosting service is required to use this.It is also referred to as self-hosted WordPress.User has full control of the website.WordPress plugins that are free, or paid can be added to the website.The website and all of its data is owned by the user.Google analytics can be used to perform customized analytics.Advertisements can be run and revenue can be generated.User has to keep several backups of the ... Read More

Difference Between Website and Portal

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 02-Dec-2022 06:07:29
Websites and Portals both have a webbased interface. They are correlated terms in the Internet terminology. The basic difference between a website and a portal is that a website is a collection of related webpages, whereas a portal is a gateway to the World Wide Web and is used to access various services of the Internet. In this article, we will discuss the important differences between website and portal. Let's start with a basic introduction of what websites and portals are. What is a Website? A Website is a collection of related webpages and is made to available under one ... Read More

Difference Between Web page and Website

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 02-Dec-2022 06:05:41
Web page and website are related terms and sometimes people tend to use them interchangeably, but they are distinct from each other. The basic difference between a web page and a website is that a web page is a text document written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and is rendered by a web browser, whereas a website is a collection of related webpages having a specific address, called URL, on the Internet. This article is meant for explaining the important differences between web page and website. But, before going into the differences, let's have a basic overview of what ... Read More

Difference Between Website and Blog

Updated on 21-Apr-2021 07:38:21
In this post, we will understand the difference between a website and a blog −WebsiteIt is a collection of webpages and multimedia content.This is made available under one domain on the World Wide Web.The websites are usually hosted using a web hosting service.This allows the web pages and the content of the website to be accessed by people all over the world.It can be an internal site that could be accessed through a secure local area network.The fundamental unit of a website is content.It doesn’t have any kind of order.Commenting on a website is not possible all the time.There are ... Read More

Difference Between Hypertext and Hypermedia

Updated on 21-Apr-2021 07:33:28
In this post, we will understand the difference between hypertext and hypermedia −HypertextIt refers to the system of managing the information related to the plain text.It involves only text.It becomes a part of the link.It is the part of hypermedia.It allows the user to traverse through text in a non-linear fashion.It allows users to move from one document to another in a single click.The user can click on the hypertext or the ‘goto’ links.It helps the user move to the next document.It also helps the user move from one page of a document to the other page.It doesn’t provide a ... Read More
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