Applying SPHELHTERI: S for Social

Begin thinking about how the society gets impacted. In our topic, the subject is “television”. When we think of television, we are reminded of how television has brought a change in our lifestyle, and how it has bridged the distance between people in the world. Think of how television has become a part of our daily life and how it affects us on a dayto- day basis.

Let us divide the societal impact into three different sections.

  • Cause − Speak on why the subject gained prominence in the world. In our case, think of the factors that led to the acceptance of television as an indispensable item in the society. We can talk about the need of company to humans, and the desire for knowing about the world, is what helped TV get included in the list of common items of man.

  • Effect − Think of the effects, good or bad, that television had in the lives of people. When we think of societal aspects, we can think in two ways, viz. how the subject has made a significant positive impact on the human civilization, and how it has adversely affected it. This helps speakers to get balance in the content, without overtly favoring/opposing the subject.

  • Solution − Suggest some solutions for the adverse effects of the subject of the speech. In our case, we can think of the steps that can be taken to address the illeffects of TV, like reducing the number of hours that kids watch TV, or keeping a tab on the type of shows kids watch, etc.

Societal Impact

Let’s apply the above-mentioned principles in a working sample −

Cause − Television’s future is as expansive as the human mind can comprehend”, said Jack R. Poppele, the President of Television Broadcasters Association. Television holds the promise of enlightening the minds of viewers and helps them develop an understanding of the world. The advertisements shown on TV shape our opinion and tastes and preferences.

Effect − In today’s gadget-obsessed world, televisions are an elixir for survival. Every day we switch on our TV sets and find ourselves connected to the entire world with a few clicks of the remote. The world has changed into a global village, thanks to television. Through television we receive updates on recent happenings in the society, even during our busy schedule.

Effect − However, this has also led to a surge in cheap serials that focus more on sleaze and gore, rather than the story and morals. This adversely impacts the mentality of kids of our generation. The harmful rays emitted by TV screens are also leading to eye ailments.

Solution − The society today is indebted to televisions for the mold it has set in. Television owes its rise as an indispensable item in the life of the common man, to the desire of each human for company, and for information of other people’s lives. That being said, I suggest that we keep a tab on what our kids watch and reduce their hours of watching TV, so that their time gets utilized on something better.