Applying SPHELHTERI: I for International

In this section, a speaker needs to think of the ways in which his topic can be related to the international forum. Think of where your subject comes to picture in the global scenario. It is to be noted that this section never falls short of ideas.

There must be some way or the other in which your subject is related to things at the global level. Take for example, television. TV is used to watch news which brings to us information from around the world. We can peep into the splendor of different landscapes and the cultures of various countries just at the click of a few buttons. The speaker also needs to keep in mind that it is not important to stay on the earth in this section. He/she can even transcend beyond earth and go to space.

For instance, TV helps us to get a glimpse of other planets and their features through shows aired on channel Discovery. We will divide this section into two parts −

  • Current incidents − Think of the ways in which your subject is related to the recent happenings around the world. How has your subject played a crucial role in those events? For example, TV has brought awareness to the masses about tyrannical governments and has helped sensitize the people of Arab to rise against the autocratic government. TV has also brought to our reach the news on terrorist activities and has encouraged us to stay alert in our country.

  • Past incidents − The past incidents have to be based on facts. The speaker has to come up with facts to highlight how the subject of the speech is related to it. Without facts and figures, the audience may not be able to relate to this section because a majority of the audience do not know about the past incidents.

This way we can frame this section of the speech by taking into account various aspects of how our subject is related to international scope:

Let’s explain this with the following sample speech −

TV shows in English are aired around the world, but all regional language shows are not. Moreover, TV has also helped some journalists shoot to international fame. Barkha Dutt, one of the finest journalists in India, shot to fame through her coverage of Kargil war.

With just a click of a few buttons, you can sneak into what’s happening in the White House and can listen in detail to the proceedings of the Lok Sabha. Sitting in one corner of India, you can get news of what’s happening in the US. Television connects us to the world in seconds. What else connects us so well?