Applying POPBEANS: N for Nature

This is one of the most interesting sections, and one section where you will never fall short of ideas as a speaker. In this section, the speaker has to just look around himself/herself and ideas will come running incessantly to him/her. When we talk of nature, we can basically, talk of anything. Please don’t confuse it with ‘objects’ section.

In the ‘Objects’ section, we discussed about tangible and non-physical objects that are related to the subject of our speech. But in this section, we have to think of how nature is associated to the subject of our speech and what message is conveyed by nature through that association.

For example, for a topic like ‘water’, one can talk about how water is the elixir of life and why nature has kept water on earth in limited quantity. Nature wants to teach us to respect resources and to avoid wastage for our own survival.


In our topic ‘black’, we can think of the ways natural elements manifest themselves in black. Coal mines signify energy and power, and they are in black color. Black sky represents infinity. The speaker can even think of black holes that can signify power. The night is dark to signify the change of times and the cycle of life, as night is followed by morning, only to be followed again by night. This way, a speaker can think lots more about the color black by using examples from nature.

Let’s take a look at a sample for this section −

If you look at nature, black symbolizes joy, fear, and mystery at the same time. While black clouds bring the delight of rainfall, the dark night instills fear of the unknown. Dark caves on the other hand inspire mystery and excitement. Black holes can signify infinite power and the ability to absorb everything in the universe.

This way, black signifies an indomitable force and hence, is also considered to be a color of authority by psychologists. Black is one color that contains all wavelengths of light and can absorb all colors. This way, black becomes the assimilation of all radiations and energy in the universe. Look at the beautiful game of nature. How a dark night is followed by a bright morning only to be followed by night again. This shows the cycle of life and teaches us that nothing is permanent.

The coal, which we ignite in rural homes and in powerhouses, provides electricity to our homes and hence, lightens up our surroundings. It is amazing to notice how something dark can also give rise to brilliance and radiation. This shows the cosmic interplay of different elements of nature and shows how one entity can be converted into something new and beautiful. Black is prevalent in nature in diverse forms and through each form, the nature teaches us something important, which we need to imbibe for the benefit of humanity.