Applying SPHELHTERI: H for Historical

The next element is ‘History’. The speaker can think of how the subject has been useful or detrimental to the history of mankind. As a speaker, you have to think of how the subject has been an instrumental part of history. Think of how television has impacted lives and societies throughout the course of history. Could the world have been a different place without TV? Could some important events in history happen without TV?

Here we won’t divide this section into parts. In case you want to make your own subsections, you are free to do so. However, for this section, we mainly need to focus on how our subject of speech had been important in the near and the distant past.

Let’s take a glimpse at the following example. The speaker can put stress on the parts of the text in bold to add depth and emotion in his speech.

If you want to know about the past or about ancient rulers and old civilizations, TV does it for you. Just switch on The History Channel and you will be immersed in a different world that enlightens you about the distant past and all elements of recorded history. The TV has been a vital part in shaping our modern world, especially the present times of the US.

In 1960, the debate between Democratic senator, John F. Kennedy and Republic Vice President, Richard Nixon was televised. The charismatic debate took the world by a storm as did the TV coverage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1962. Television, since then, has been shaping the political landscape like nothing else in the world. In 1969, TV helped the world to witness its proud moment when Apollo 11 moon landing was aired on TV.

In 2004, TV channels broadcasted the jaw-dropping images of the devastation done by Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. That sparked a worldwide drive to help the victims and brought in the much-needed donations from across the globe. Vietnam War was also covered by TV reporters, helping them embed with soldiers at battlefield. Can you imagine that during Nigeria’s civil war in 1960s, two battling sides declared a truce to watch football star Pele in action? Without TV, the world would not have been what it looks like today.