Applying POPBEANS: P for Places

In this section, the speaker is supposed to think of various places or locations on the earth that you can relate to the subject of your speech. The places need not be city names or country names, but locations in general; like streets, forests, hotels, schools, etc. Nevertheless, it is always better to come up with names of a particular city or country because that makes the content of the speech more vivid.

Talking about something special about the places adds value to the content of the speech. Try to bring out the splendor or sorrow of these places. That will help you empathize with many in the audience and will bring some facts in the speech, which is a vital element for any good speech.

Let’s continue with the example, ‘black’. Which places do you find black color in common? Black color will manifest wherever there is darkness, and darkness is mostly found in rural places, graveyard, and forests. Wherever loneliness exists, black or darkness can be found. Think on these lines and frame the content emphasizing about these places.

Let’s take a look at this sample speech −,

Black does not always beautify things. The night scene of the dark Amazon forest, which is ventured by animals like the anaconda and the jaguar, is enough to bring anyone’s heart in the mouth. But darkness does not manifest always in natural form. Some of them are man-made as well.

The picture of dark streets and cities of Hiroshima after the nuclear bombings depict the grim face of human technological advancements. Similarly, the darkness spelt by the toxic gas spewed out of a chemical plant in Bhopal, India reminds us of the massacres done by human error. Believe it or not, but the darkness of a graveyard is enough to freak anyone out.

That darkness is much more terrifying than any darkness in the world. Darkness also brings to my mind the situation in most of our villages, which appear no different from these graveyards. Lack of lighting facilities and inadequate electrification by the government is responsible for the looming darkness in most of the rural parts of our country.