Applying SPHELHTERI: R for Region

When we talk of region, we need to think of how our subject affects the very region we live in. Before exploring how our subject affects the other regions across the globe, we need to think of our own locality or state. Don’t go global, stay local – that is the mantra of this section. Think of how the subject of your speech is linked to the regional diversity around you.

For example, TV reaches out to people irrespective of their language, education, ethnicity, or religion. This is the main factor behind the success of TV in India. Anyone who can press a few buttons on the remote can watch TV. This way, you need to think of how your subject is linked to the regional variety around you.

Following is a sample for our topic on TV −

Besides technology, TV also disseminates information in a multitude of languages. You may not find information in your language over the internet, but you will certainly find it on television. Which other medium of information on this earth has such an indomitable power to reach out to each and every individual in the country?

If you are thinking of newspapers, you will know that they are for literate masses. For those who cannot read, TV brings some respite. A person might be unable to read and write his native language, but he/she can certainly speak and understand his language. This is where TV helps in spreading information and entertaining even the illiterate masses.

TV can spread the information verbally, which certainly reaches all kinds of sections of the society. TV also shows programs on a variety of cultures around the nation. It helps us peep into the lives of other cultures and learn about their lifestyles.

A newspaper or magazine can pertain to a specific section of the country’s population. On the other hand, TV can broadcast as much information about any part of the state or country at the same time, through multiple TV channels. This is the unparalleled power of television in a country, which holds the promise to serve each section of the society at large.