How to make embedded youtube videos look better on your website?

We can embed YouTube videos on our websites, however, the alignment might not be the liking of a lot of people. Some might want the window size to be slightly different, or the appearance to be otherwise. These are some additional adjustments that we can make to change the appearance:

  • Step 1: After you get your desired video on your page, you have to make two precisely minor adjustments. The first task you should do is to adjust the height of the player to 24 pixels tall. So, now change 182 from the embed code to 24.

  • Step 2: After the step 1 process, the video screen will overlap the buttons of the player. You will have to combine a new parameter inside the URL of the idea to display the control options again. As the size of the controls is 24 pixels tall, it will perfectly fill the whole area of the player, making it look like a small embedded player.

  • Step 3: The next step is to add the ‘&autohide=0’ at the end of the URL. Replace the existing parameter with the above, and in case you don’t find any parameter, then just replace the ampersand by a question mark. Before explaining you about the details, check out how the new embed will look like.

  • Step 4: Now, you will find only the player options without any video player screen. You will still find the YouTube logo on the player option, but it will just look like an audio player.

Learning URL Parameters Basics

Another method is to use a URL parameter. URL parameters are those parameters through which you can change the font size, color, etc of the page.