How to delete videos from “Watch later” on YouTube?

Saving videos and viewing them later is a useful feature of the YouTube app. For viewers who do not have time to finish a video, the "Watch Later" feature is ideal. They put it off until a later date. Like the ones we create on OTTs, YouTube enables us to build a watchlist. You can put any video that strikes your fancy but you do not have the time to watch in the "Watch Later playlist." One may easily save those videos and create a list by clicking on the three dots beside the video and then tapping on the "Add to Watch Later" button. Viewers often stuff the Watch Later list with too many videos, making it difficult to access and chaotic. They do not realize they are just adding to the YouTube Watch Later list.

There is always a way to delete videos from the folder since some viewers may not be able to view them or do not want to hold them any longer. for example, I have over 1000 unwatched videos in my Watch Later section. This makes a list too long and it is almost impossible to find a video from that. What if I must organize my list and make it as short as possible from time to time? To delete videos from the YouTube, Watch Later list, what will I need to do? As a result, I conducted research and got solution. I will show you how to delete YouTube videos from your Watch Later account in this article. Let us now look at how to remove Watch Later clips.

Can you delete full Watch Later List at Once?

YouTube permits you to delete all videos in a folder or those that you have started or finished watching. Videos that have been saved but not watched, on the other hand, must be deleted one by one. But all this facility is only on YouTube App, on Browser videos can be deleted only one by one. The videos are not categorized as fully, partially, and never seen watch later list on Browsers.

How to delete videos from Watch Later list on YouTube

Each video may be deleted or removed from the Watch Later individually on YouTube, however it might take a long time if there are a lot of them. We have partially, fully, and never watched YouTube videos in watch later. You can individually remove each video if you want to empty the whole list. This is a tedious task and must be done with patience.

The step-by-step procedure to delete videos from watch later list is as follows −

Step 1 − Open YouTube in browser.

Step 2 − Click on watch later.

Step 3 − The watch later playlist will open.

Step 4 − OMG, my playlist has lots of videos.

Step 5 − Select and hover your mouse on the video you want to delete from the list. You will see three vertical drops. Click on them.

Step 6 − A dropdown will open. Select and click on “Remove from watch later”.

Step 7 − The video is deleted. If by mistake you have done it, click on Undo, the video will retrieve.

Step 8 − I also deleted some from my playlist.

Mass delete Feature

Since it is necessary to keep your Watch Later list tidy so that you can utilize it or find a decent method to get rid of all videos, maintain it under control. Everyone enjoys bulk deletion. The Delete watched videos function on YouTube allows you to remove videos you have already watched. It is likewise deleted even if you see just a single frame of a film. This is a great method to cleanse your history and eliminate old videos.

What about the videos we have not seen? It is still necessary to come up with a method to delete them all at once. YouTube continues to lack the mass deletion capability.


With so many videos to watch on YouTube, it is easy to get your “Watch Later” list cluttered. As YouTube does not practice mass removal of the Watch Later list, having a streamlined list is the best way to go after deletion. To reduce the stress of deleting thousands of videos, do it more often if there are not that many to delete. But, if you have got hundreds of them, this may not be such a brilliant idea, but you must do it for a good Watch later list.