Tips and Tricks to Make flow of your YouTube videos more Engaging?

Planning your videos can help them perform better on YouTube, regardless of whether you create vlogs or tech lessons.

To be clear, it is entirely up to you how much planning you undertake before shooting.

Before clicking "record," some YouTubers have a rough concept of what they want to say. Some people write out every word by hand.

Here are some best practises for organising, developing, and scripting YouTube videos, in short developing the flow of your YouTube videos - no matter where you stand on the spectrum.

Prepare for the First 15 Seconds

According to YouTube, the opening 15 seconds of your video are crucial.

Why? Because the majority of your viewers will decide whether or not to watch more after the first 15 seconds of your video.

The initial 15 seconds of your video should therefore be planned out, regardless of how much or how little you plan your shot.

You should specifically include a "hook" that piques readers' interest in the video to come.

Almost everything that draws attention can serve as a hook. However, the most typical kinds of hooks are:

Your video's subtitle, such as "Today you're going to learn..." with a captivating image ("I almost died...")

A sneak preview of what will happen next

For instance, the opening few seconds of this video from Good Financial Cents are certain to catch your eye- Check out!

Jot Down Key Points

Making an unprepared video is worst way to find you left out anything crucial.

For such kind of reason, you should write out a few crucial ideas for your video, before you start shooting a video.

For instance, the YouTube channel for Buffer used to produce videos with little advance planning. Although they steered clear of employing a script or outline, they had a basic concept of what they intended to cover.

And it's a major factor in why their videos had trouble retaining and engaging viewers.

Therefore identify the three to four main points which are very crucial to the video and cover it in the video. Not only did this produce a video that was clearer, but it also increased the watch time of videos by 61%.

Focus on Flow

There is no denying that YouTube users can be impatient. Because of this, you want your video to move between the points fast.

Unplanned videos will also have lots of "umms" and "aahhs," which can disrupt the flow and pace of your production unless you're a natural.

So, when planning your video, consider how quickly you'll transition between points. General speaking speed is preferable.

I would like to show an example from the UrAvgConsumer YouTube channel which is having 3M subscribers and produces tech videos.

For instance, let’s take a video from UrAvgConsumer YouTube channel. In less than 7 minutes, this video from UrAvgConsumer highlights over 20 pieces of highly recommended tech gear. It's a fantastic illustration of the kind of fast-paced video that frequently performs exceptionally well on YouTube.

Follow the H.I.C.C. Structure


We've already talked about how crucial it is to grab viewers' attention in the first 15 seconds. In summary, your hook should be something that rapidly captures people's attention. so they don't close the window.


It's time to briefly introduce your topic now that you've captured the attention of your audience. You can also give a preview of what you'll discuss, provide an example, or hint at a specific point (such a trick or unexpected discovery) that will be covered later.


The primary subject of your video is this.

These are the procedures that should be followed for a how-to video. This serves as the actual workout in a fitness video.

C Means Call to Action.

Finally, you should include a call to action at the end of your video encouraging viewers to subscribe, like, and watch more of your videos as well as follow you on social media.

This formula is used in the great majority of Marie Forleo's videos.

For instance, the opening of this video from Marie Forleo's channel features a hook (Marie spinning in her chair), which is swiftly followed by an introduction that gives a sneak peek at the following content. Marie then goes into some advice and tactics. The video concludes with a strong call to action.


This guide has covered a lot of ground. And you've discovered some of the essential tools and techniques for producing effective YouTube videos, whether you're just getting started or an experienced video producer.

Updated on: 09-Sep-2022


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