How to Keep the Audience Engaged on YouTube

Audience Engagement is crucial for growing your YouTube community. But, however in order to engage with your audience and win them over as devoted fans, use the following advice that will help you win your audience −

Engage with the Audience

The secret to creating a devoted group on YouTube is interaction with your audience. Long-term followers can be gained by viewers through engaging conversations. Additionally, reacting to comments and mentions on social media will motivate your community to engage with your channel. To improve engagement with your audience, abide by the following advice −

  • Observe your audience − Pay attention to the comments that your audience make. To keep the dialogue going, respond to their inquiries and comments. Your audience will value your attempts to engage with them and return to your channel for more as a result.

  • Ask Your Audience − Encourage your audience to take action by asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel as well as like, share, and comment on your videos. Conduct contests and give them gifts or takeaways and at the end or in the beginning of every video, ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel (by mentioning what benefits they will get by subscribing) and hit the notification bell.

    For instance, Vikram Aditya, a YouTube channel with 2M subscribers has asked his viewers to subscribe to the YouTube channel for the new releases.

  • Ask the Audience for Suggestions − Inquire about suggestions from audience for your next videos. Ask them what they want to see, and then include it in your upcoming video.

Reward your Loyal Audience

Reward your most loyal and devoted supporters and say thanks for their involvement and engagement. You might host competitions or fun prizes to express your appreciation for their support. Here are a few gifts you could want to give your devoted followers −

Include Shoutouts or Mentions in your Videos − Call out a few of your supporters who have helped you along the way on YouTube or you could even go above and beyond and include them in your video.

For instance, the GlowGirlTales YouTube channel has included their follower’s transformation pictures in the video! Check out!

Conduct Meetups − To engage and interact with their devoted fans, several YouTubers plan meetups. If you are unable to meet in person, you can still communicate with your followers using Skype or Google Hangouts.

For instance, the head of the Mostly Sane YouTube channel, Prajakta Kol, has planned a meetup with their fans. Check out this video!

Organize giveaways − Think about rewarding a select group of followers with gifts and freebies. Giveaways are excellent strategies to entice people to become devoted followers.

For example, Plan to reward your subscribers with free giveaways when you reach a milestone of 1 Lakh or 1M subscribers. Here is a video from Super Yacht Captain YouTube Channel who planned giveaways when their YouTube channel reached 1 Lakh subscribers.

Encourage Audience to Participate

Encourage your audience to get involved in the content idea and video creation processes. In order to increase audience engagement, you can use the advice listed below:

Ask Viewers to Create Videos − Give a broad theme and ask viewers to create quick videos about it. The best videos from the entries should be compiled and posted on your channel. This can help you get more subscribers as well as increase audience engagement.

Post Videos with Your Subscribers − Collaborate with your audience by producing videos that feature some of your followers in a conversational approach. Make it engaging to grab viewers' attention and entice them to participate in your YouTube video.

For instance, watch Vithikasheru’s video where she makes a video with their channel’s subscribers and gives them free gifts.

Building a fan following for your brand on YouTube is a terrific idea. The best advantage is that, thanks to the high barrier to entrance, it still hasn't been overrun by advertisers (who usually stick to the simpler social networks).

If you have a YouTube channel, you may use the above three strategies I discussed in the article to boost audience engagement.

Updated on: 27-Jul-2022


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