How to interact with your audience on YouTube?

I often consider YouTube to be more of a social network than a place to store videos because of the fantastic discussions and interactions that take place between content creators and their fans.

Having said that, what are some of the best strategies to engage your YouTube audience? I've seen several YouTubers and content creators communicate with their followers in the following six incredibly inventive ways −

Creating Polls

People enjoy providing answers. Particularly if they are not required to type it out. One of the most interesting tools on the internet right now is the poll. Conduct a poll and ask any interesting and engaging question on the YouTube community and your audience love to respond to your questions or polls.

Request Advice And Commentary

Find out what kind of videos they would like to watch, when they would prefer to see them, and whether they prefer shorts, films, or live streaming.

Here I asked my audience − what kind of videos they want me to post on my YouTube channel. The majority of them replied − Daily Vlogs and Travel Vlogs.

Reward Your Devoted Supporters

Reward your most devoted supporters to say thanks for their involvement and engagement. You might host competitions or fun prizes to express your appreciation for their support. Include shoutouts or mentions in your videos: Call out a few of your supporters who have helped you along the way on YouTube. You could even go above and beyond and include them in your video.

Encourage your Audience to Like, Share, And Comment on Your Videos

Interaction takes input from both you and your audience because it's a two-way street. You must take whatever steps are necessary to encourage your viewers to do these activities because video likes, shares, and comments are some of the metrics used to gauge the interaction of your audience with your channel.

You must urge your audience to like, share, and comment on your videos. Most YouTubers simply encourage their viewers to like/share their videos and post comments with queries, ideas for the next videos, or suggestions for improvement in the first and last few seconds of their videos.

Timely Reaction to Viewer Behavior is Required

Always keep in mind that every time a YouTube viewer views, shares, comments on, or subscribes to your channel, they are exerting effort they didn't have to. Be sure to acknowledge and appreciate these efforts. Maybe not all of them, but you should always value people that make an effort to interact with your videos.

Retweet the person that tweeted your video to express your gratitude. Respond as fast as you can if a viewer asks a question. Thank them in another comment if they express dissatisfaction with the video or suggestions for improvement.

Update About Your Personal Lives

Similar to the other social media apps treat the Community Tab on your YouTube channel as such. Be genuine and let the viewers know a little bit about your daily routine. They will have a deeper understanding of your life as a result, and they will be able to relate to you in a better way.


Here are six more tips for maximizing the interaction of your audience using the community tab as well as YouTube videos. Utilize YouTube Community Tab, YouTube videos, and comment section to their fullest potential to boost your YouTube game and establish a solid subscriber base.

Updated on: 22-Dec-2022


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