How to download Audio MP3 from YouTube mobile app?

The YouTube platform is the first thing that comes to mind when you want to explore a video. YouTube is not only a video-sharing platform, but it also has a gigantic catalogue of music, sound effects and tracks, with whole channels devoted to these purposes. These videos can be accessed online but cannot be downloaded to an Android phone.

So, whether you are a creator in need of royalty-free music and sound effects, or you want to download some interesting guided meditation tracks to play offline at your leisure - here is the simplest guide on how to download YouTube audio for free. Therefore, we have created a list of the top 2 YouTube audio downloader apps for Android.

Using YouTube Music Downloader Applications

Using a third-party application to download YouTube audio mp3 is a good idea. It is good to download it in mp3 format and listen to them when you are offline. The biggest disadvantage of third-party apps is that downloaded audio takes up huge storage space on the mobile phone. The advantage of using third-party apps is that we can queue multiple audios at a time and can pause and resume whenever we want.

How to download audio MP3 using a third-party app

Sometimes, you may want to download audio in MP3 format from the YouTube platform to your local memory device for personal or project purposes. But the most difficult part is, how can I download it? There is no straight way to do it from the YouTube interface itself. However, with the help of third-party applications, the download is achievable with great ease.

The most famous two apps for this purpose are discussed one by one −


Does anyone know that Telegram also works as an audio downloader? The Telegram messenger app can be used as a YouTube audio downloader for Android users. The best part of it is that Telegram is one of the most secure apps, which means that the users are safe from malware while downloading YouTube audio in mp3 format.

There are many Telegram bots on Telegram that can be used to download videos. For example, @utubebot on telegram is a good one that can be used to download from YouTube.

Now let me show the step-by-step procedure to download YouTube audio MP3 on the phone −

  • Open the Telegram app in the mobile.

  • Search for a @utubebot in the search option.

  • Select the bot and tap on Start

  • Paste the YouTube link in the chat window

  • Play the video on YouTube. Tap on share icon.

  • After that select copy link.

  • Paste the URL in the chat box.

  • The video YouTube address will be sent to the Telegram bot for further process.

  • The video will be searched and returned to user. The preferred format will be asked from you.

  • Select any of your choice regarding the quality of MP3.

  • Uploading of the video on telegram will start.

  • The video will be uploaded to the telegram app.

  • The video will download, download it on mobile.

  • Play and check it.

  • After that click on Save to Music to save the music file to mobile.

  • The file will save to the memory of the mobile.

  • One can see the downloaded video in the mobile memory.

  • Final output.

Descargar Musicia

Descargar Musicia is the best tube MP3 downloader app on android. It allows you to play and download YouTube music as mp3 on to your mobile. It has multiple servers and enables fat download.

The steps to download YouTube videos as audio MP3 are as follows −

  • Find the app on the Google Play store, download it, and install it. Open the App.

  • The App will open.

  • This app looks like the exact version of YouTube Screen. Tap on the search icon on the top right of screen to search your video.

  • Type your search, you will recommendations for your search. Click on your search and open it.

  • Click on your search video and play it, as you do on YouTube App.

  • You will see the download icon, select, and tap on it to download the video.

  • You will be asked about the format of the video. You must select from Video or Audio. Click on your choice i.e., select audio.

  • After selecting Audio, click on download to download the audio to your device.

  • Your video will start downloading and will be saved on your mobile phone.

  • Open the audio folder on your mobile. You can see the music MP3 there.

  • You can see the Final Output, in the mobile audio file folder.

  • You can play the MP3 and enjoy it while offline.


There are so much online content that provides instructions download YouTube audio. That searches for the right application and downloading the audio file is confusing and cumbersome. It would be best to find the program that offers a straightforward means of downloading YouTube video to audio files. So just download the above apps that offers a straightforward means of downloading YouTube audio files.

It will be a good option to keep this online YouTube music offline so that one can listen to them on one go when a listener is out of range of cellular connections or WIFI hotspots.

Updated on: 29-Nov-2022


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