How to distinguish your channel without verification on YouTube?

YouTube is an important marketing tool and many studies have shown that videos are the preferred form of media for a lot of consumers. Many people neglect YouTube for trying more popular social media platforms. The best way for a channel to achieve consistency is by providing quality content on regular basis.

This is why if you too want to distinguish your YouTube channel without a verification badge that attracts subscribers and views, then determining what your channel should be all about needs to be your first question, and take steps to reflect it on your channel. The verification badge is a difficult badge to be obtained. Let us study some of the ways to distinguish your channel.

Ways to distinguish your channel without verification on YouTube

Stay consistent with all images

YouTube is not just about creating videos; images also play an important role. There are 4 types of images i.e. - your profile picture, your banner, your thumbnail, and the end cards that you need to do well.

Profile-picture − If you are a company, you should just use your logo or a picture of yourself with the business name. While, if you are a video blogger, you could use a headshot. Make sure you are using the same logo/headshot across your other social media channels as well as your website so that your branding is consistent on all your social media.

Banners − You can brand your banners either by adding your logo or creating a unique image made from the same color palette that you use on the rest of your marketing materials.

The banner should be made keeping in mind that the view is different on each screen. This can be shown in the images down below.


Thumbnail − The thumbnail is arguably the most important image of your YouTube channel. The better it looks; the more people are likely to click your video and watch it. So, put a lot of focus on that. For best results, you should ensure the background image that you choose for the YouTube thumbnail is of the size of 1280 x 720 pixels.

End Card − The end card on YouTube can be added in the last 5 to 20 seconds of your video. You may have noticed the End card as your video is getting close to finishing. A couple of pop-ups will appear in the video asking you to either watch another video, or playlist, sign up, or go to the site (or do all these things). This is a closing card that could help the viewers to go to your channel or the next video or even subscribe to your channel.

Create a channel trailer:

Another essential add-on that can help brand your YouTube Channel in a better way is having a channel Trailer. A trailer is a video that appears when someone visits your channel. People typically visit your channel's homepage just one time.

Write the perfect YouTube description and fill in all details

Make sure to include all of your channel’s details. These details will help people to understand your brand.

YouTube descriptions are not mandatory due to that; many YouTubers leave them empty. Your Channel Description generally needs to include what the viewers can expect in terms of content, as well as the video posting schedule of your channel. Viewers are looking to know about you via your channel; so make sure that your brand's voice and overall personality truly shine through it.

This is also a good place to add relevant keywords and links to your website and social accounts.


The playlist is also one of the best ways to give the viewers a snapshot of your brand. This playlist works like a catalog of your brand and products. Each video in the playlist should show different kinds of product details, unboxing reviews, and many more things. It also encourages viewers to view more than one video at once: When a video ends, it will automatically start the next one in the playlist.

Channel sections

Channel sections are a way of organizing videos on the home page, as well as visually branding your channel. They help you organize the topics and series on your channel, so viewers get an idea about your videos and channel. You can add up to ten sections in a horizontal line.

The (green) thumb rule

When creating video content, it is a good idea to make on-topic videos, but also timeless videos. A good rule of thumb is 80 percent evergreen, and 20 percent topical. Topical content is critical, as it is often relevant and needs to be consumed immediately, or near.

Create videos that take stances on recent political debacles or celebrity dramas, contributing to online discourse your fans want to see right away. Then, they would want to subscribe to get an alerted notification of the next hot take!

Become a Trusted Authority

Build credibility with viewers and prospects by creating content that is real and personalized.

Once you have a decent number of videos on your channel, you can dedicate time to promoting these videos through various mediums. This is one of the advantages YouTube has over other social channels, where you need to constantly produce new and compelling content.


The methods outlined above will help you to distinguish your channel and make it more visible to viewers. If you want to be successful in the content marketing world, make sure that you are creative, relevant, and strategic with your use of keywords.

Updated on: 20-Dec-2022


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