How can YouTube handle boost your channel growth

YouTube Handles let you set up a distinctive image on YouTube. While there may be hundreds of other names for the same channel, YouTube Handles makes it possible for you to create an exclusive name that will be exclusive to you. Like Instagram and Twitter no one else can use the name again after it has been distributed.

As explained by YouTube −

“Handles are a new unique identifier (example @youtubecreators) & All YouTube channels will have one. Your unique @handle will help people find & interact with you & your YouTube channel. And because handles are unique (unlike channel names), it is easy to confirm if you are engaging with the right person or not.”

YouTube handle name will appear on creator’s channel homepage, and channel URL, in search results, in comments, in community tab posts, YouTube shorts and in descriptions.

How YouTube Handles Will boost channel growth

YouTube Handle will boost channel growth in many ways. Let us study them one by one −

  • Create your own unique identity

You can have a unique identity with YouTube handles. Audiences now know you apart from other creators. The handles can make it easier for individuals to discover content on popular platforms like YouTube as it is challenging to stand out from crowd of creators. Handles will make it easier for people to discover your content. It is important to be thoughtful about the YouTube handle you create; it might be a great starting point to increase your channel's visibility.

  • Brand identity

Having a unique channel handle also serves as a branding opportunity. Up to now, only 100 subscribers have been allowed to create custom channel URLs, but now all users in the app can have unique handles.

  • Fake replica of your channel will not scam audiences

Back in June, YouTube disabled the use of hidden subscriber counts, to offer greater transparency, and limited the impact of this approach, while it also stated that special characters would not be allowed in channel names. Scammers use characters such as quotation marks to replicate popular YouTubers, so YouTube is looking to nip this problem in the bud. By prohibiting channel names that contain special characters, scammers are inhibited from creating similar channels.

For example, like in image down below two replica channels. After the introduction of handles YouTube will try to stop this.

By having each channel have a unique @handle, making it more difficult to create replicas, and by making it harder to create new channels, thereby preventing scammers from posting and uploading content in the name of famous Youtubers.

  • Helps in making money

YouTube has become all about monetization. To make money on the platform, you must attract more eyes and keep them engaging. Your channel name, handle, and various elements together make up a successful YouTube channel.

  • Increase your visibility

It increases your visibility as viewers can visit your channel by clicking on your handle in comments, descriptions, and other places. It also makes it easier for other creators and viewers to tag and mention your channel. When creating a YouTube channel, you can use Handles to promote it on various web sites, blogs, and social media pages. The length of YouTube channel names is long so handles will be easier to remember. If your handle is like your channel name, it will be more effective, otherwise it may leave people confused and even frustrated.

  • Reach new audiences

Your Handle URLs can help you reach more viewers and potential subscribers on YouTube. When searching for your handles on YouTube or tapping on your handle mentioned in a comment, community post, or video description, you can now direct viewers to your content even if they are not on YouTube. YouTube is becoming more like other social networks by adding @handles for channels, which will make it easier for the app to promote your profile and drive traffic to it.

  • Connect with your audience

Tagging you in the comment section, can make audience to actively engage with you. Your handle can be shouted out in a mention in comments or tagged in the title of a recent collab, helping you to connect with your audiences.

  • Connect with fellow creators

You may mention other creators in your collaboration video description as well as in their comment section and community posts to connect with other creators. It is important to promote channels in line with habitual trends with a key consideration likely being Shorts and helping to maximize short channel growth by making it easier to follow creators.

Wrapping up

So, in short, advantages of YouTube handle are that it will be mentioned in your Shorts, and in the shorts feed, anyone can search your channel with your YouTube Handle, you can share the URL generated that matches your YouTube handle on other social platforms, other Creators or brands can tag you using your YouTube Handle and it will also help to show authenticity, and differentiate from fake accounts and spam giveaway comment scammers. It is a good update – but it is also worth noting that you will want to jump onto your unique YouTube @handle fast.

Updated on: 29-Nov-2022


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