How to grow your channel with YouTube Podcast

Podcasts are the latest form of content delivered on the Internet. There has been a rise in podcasts but the pandemic triggered podcast growth. Most of our YouTubers staying at home, saw the golden opportunity to create podcasts.

People love to hear from others, they love to hear motivational talks without having to watch a screen. However, just because podcasts are audio-based doesn’t mean you can’t use them to grow you on YouTube. Many famous YouTubers upload video versions of their podcast audios. This is one of the ways to distribute a YouTube content. Podcasting is here to stay and viewers listen to podcasts all the time.

Creating a podcast can help a YouTube channel to grow organically. With the help of podcasts, creators can have more revenue sources with very little effort. YouTube channels and their podcasts can function together to promote each other simultaneously. Either way, it works brilliantly in driving traffic to the podcast as well as YouTube.

In this article, I will tell you 5 reasons, why so many famous youtubers have used YouTube podcasts for growing their YouTube channel.


All social media platforms demand innovations and experiments. As time moves ahead interests of the YouTube viewers change. Content creators should always do something creative for the retention of their audiences. Why do people watch YouTube? The answer is: A majority of YouTube viewers visit the platform to learn something new. Podcasts are becoming the new favorite alternative for learning something new. As the concept of podcasting is very new, youtubers are opting for podcasting to gain a different audience and to add value to the audience.


Collaborating with a comparatively famous YouTuber on the platform is the easiest hack to grow in the YouTube world. This game is all about numbers. Streaming live with a famous podcaster will introduce you to the vast audience of that podcaster and this collaboration will give you satisfactory numbers of subscribers. Most of the present growing youtubers are opting for this way to grow their audience.


The game of social media is all about standing out in the crowd with unique content in the best way. Nearly every type of content has been largely explored. Podcasting on the platform of YouTube itself is a very unique type of content delivery. Podcasting is a way of expressing your inner self, just by your voice. The creator can share their knowledge, stories or an interview with someone intellectual already done for the YouTube channel. There are numerous topics to be talked about, several issues to be pointed out and lots of stories to be shared.

Multi-Platform Advantage

Having a YouTube channel for podcasting, the podcaster and the YouTuber gets an opportunity to grow their reach to the audio and video content audiences and it is very helpful in creating the brand. It also helps in generating external referral backlinks from the different platforms (YouTube and Podcast) which increases the chance of ranking high on every platform.


Podcasting is still a very new concept for audiences. The majority of digital content consumers in the U.S are podcast listeners. The majority of audiences are now more inclined toward consuming valuable content during commuting. Audiences don’t have the time to watch the video but can easily listen to stories, so a massive boom in the podcasting segment is underway. The podcast and YouTube creators will see a big boom in the coming days.

Famous Youtubers Who Used Podcasts to Grow Their YouTube Channel

Many famous YouTubers have made a podcast channel to promote their YouTube and it has worked also. Some of these are −

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan’s podcast continues to be among the top podcasts in the world, and his YouTube channel has gained over 10 million subscribers due to his podcast.

Carly & Erin

Carly And Erin, on their podcast, give a deep insight into their lives outside of their YouTube videos life. They also address certain things that happen in their latest YouTube video, leading people to watch their videos. YouTube channels and podcasts are functioning simultaneously to promote each other.

Ranveer Allahbadia

The ‘The Ranveer Show’, by Ranveer Allahbadia was among the first few famous podcasters in the Indian YouTuber space. On ‘The Ranveer Show’, he had thoughtful conversations with celebrities. Names like Priyanka Chopra and Gary Vee are among his guests on the podcast, he has grown his YouTube subscriber count significantly.

Graham Stephan

He uses his podcast channel to talk to famous YouTubers. The guests are from diverse backgrounds, which attracts a newer audience through every single video. This helps drive new viewers to his other channel and brings in more subscribers to his YouTube channel.


Podcasts are easier to produce, and can also be clipped easily to create shorter content for YouTube Shorts or other social media platforms. This can help to increase the visibility of the channel on the YouTube platform.

Updated on: 13-Sep-2022


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