How to design a creative poster using Canva?

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To design a professional and engaging poster using Canva, follow these steps.

  • Click ‘create a design’

Go to your account dashboard press create a design button on the topmost right corner of the webpage. You will see a drop−down menu of various options appearing.

We will select a poster for our design. There are two options when it comes to creating posters, portrait and landscape types. The default poster option is of portrait type.

For our design, we will design a poster with the default dimensions

  • Select a suitable template

After selecting the type of design, the design tab opens.

This is how the design tab looks. From this page, you can either select a template and edit it or create a poster from scratch.

Here we will design a poster to raise awareness about cybercrimes. We will start by selecting a suitable template.

To find the template, we will search for cyberbullying templates through the toolbar provided and select the one that we feel is most appropriate.

  • Add or delete elements, photos, or fonts.

After selecting a template, here is everything you can do.

  • After selecting a template, here is everything you can do.

  • Add a different font group and change fonts.

  • Edit the existing texts and add new content.

  • Add new elements or remove existing ones.

  • Add effects, filters, adjust or crop your design.

Here is what we will do for your cyberbully campaign poster.

  • Delete the existing photo and add a new stock image.

Since the existing image is not a perfect match for cyberbullying, we will replace it.

To get the exact picture you are looking for, search the keywords on the toolbar in the photos tab. Find the most suitable one and use it.

  • Changed the background color.

We want our design to be different and unique. So, we will change the background color of the existing design.

To do this, click once on the background and see different editing options appear on the formatting bar. Press the color window to get a drop−down list of color palettes. Select the one you feel fits your design the most.

  • Add elements to your design

Since the poster looks plain, we will add interesting elements to make the design more engaging.

Since the poster looks plain, we will add interesting elements to make the design more engaging.

We will also add a box above the picture to hold different texts having the same color as the background.

Search for the most appropriate element using the toolbar. You can also select it and change the color, resize it, or flip it.

  • Change the fonts and add new text.

We will add and delete fonts based on the requirements. We will add helpline numbers to report any instances of cybercrimes and add engaging content to create a positive influence on the viewers.

You can add different types of grouped texts from the text tab or search for existing fonts. If you have the premium plan of Canva, you can even upload your fonts and use them.

  • Adjust the different elements in your design.

To complete our design, we will adjust the different fonts and elements that we added. There is no rule for doing this and you can arrange them in any manner you see fit. Just make sure the elements of your design look proportionate and harmonious with each other.

To bring a design element, font, or image forward or backward, select it and press the left−click to open a list of options. From this list, select the most suitable option.

  • Save your design

After you have created an engaging design, save it to your local files for use.

Generally, all your designs are automatically saved to the local cloud storage of Canva. You can access them from your account anytime you need, edit, download, or use them.

To save your design to your local file, click on download, select the file type, and press the download option in the list.

Final Design

This is how our campaign poster looks.

Updated on 19-Feb-2021 10:56:44