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How to Add Series Line in Chart in Excel?

A series line in Excel helps us to connect the data objects of same time period. A series line helps us to analyse the charts more efficiently without any confusion. A series line connects the data objects of same rows with a line. Generally, series lines are added to the stacked or 100 stacked columns. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how you can add series lines in a chart in Excel.

Adding Series Line in an Excel Chart

Let us suppose we have an Excel sheet with the following data:

Step 1

To create the chart, select the data → click Insert → select Stacked Column Chart under the Chart section. It will create a stacked column chart, as shown below:

Step 2

To add the series lines, click the chart → Chart Design → Add Chart Element → Lines → Series Lines. See the screenshot shown below:

Our final result will have the series lines added successfully, as shown in the following image.

We can also customize the colour and width of every line just by right-clicking on the line and selecting Format from the menu box. In the Format box, we can adjust the colour, width and transparency of the line in a simple way.


In this tutorial, we demonstrated how you can add Series Lines to a Chart in Excel.