Digital Signal Processing - Stable Systems


A stable system satisfies the BIBO (bounded input for bounded output) condition. Here, bounded means finite in amplitude. For a stable system, output should be bounded or finite, for finite or bounded input, at every instant of time.

Some examples of bounded inputs are functions of sine, cosine, DC, signum and unit step.


a) $y(t) = x(t)+10$

Here, for a definite bounded input, we can get definite bounded output i.e. if we put $x(t) = 2, y(t) = 12$ which is bounded in nature. Therefore, the system is stable.

b) $y(t) = \sin [x(t)]$

In the given expression, we know that sine functions have a definite boundary of values, which lies between -1 to +1. So, whatever values we will substitute at x(t), we will get the values within our boundary. Therefore, the system is stable.