Difference between Unit Testing and System Testing

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As we know that testing is the most important stage in the process of delivery of any application or software as it is only testing which not only validate the quality of an application but also provides an opportunity to the developer to improve its product.

Every application is being developed in some high or low level language which means some code has been written for its development so on the basis of modules that being going to test there is classification of testing namely unit testing and system testing.

Sr. No.KeyUnit TestingSystem Testing
1DefinitionUnit testing is a testing in which tester tests only single module at a time and not the integrated version of the application.On other hand System testing is the type of testing where each module is treated as separate target for testing and these modules are getting integrate one by one after testing completed on them.
2ApproachIn case of unit testing single module testing approach is taken in practice.While in case of System testing it comprise the bottom-up approach testing and top-down approach testing along with all modules in integrated mode.
3DefectsAs single module is tested in Unit testing so defects get easily identified and are locked as per module.On other hand in case of System testing modules are getting integrated after testing so defects are not easily identified as modules get dependent on each other up to some extent.
4AbbreviationUnit testing is also called white box testing.On other hand System testing is also called black box testing.
5Parallel TestingParallel testing is not supported in case of Unit testing as single module plays role in case of Unit testing.On other hand in case of System testing parallel testing is supported as multiple modules can be get tested in parallel.
6Cost effectiveUnit testing have less cost as compare to System testing as less number of resources are required in this type of testing.On other hand in case of System testing cost is comparatively higher as more number of resources is required in this type of testing.
7PerformancePerformance of unit testing is high as compare to System testing as single module is get tested at a time.On other hand System testing has lower performance as compare to Unit testing as multiple and integrated modules get tested at same time.
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