Difference between Software Testing and Embedded Testing

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Software Testing

Software testing refers to verifing and validating the behavior of the software developed. It ensures that software works as expected without any defect. It also helps in documenting that software is meeting the requirements and is ready to use. Software testing also checks the exceptions and error handling process.

Embedded Testing

Embedded testing refers to verifying and validating the behavior of both software and hardware using that software. It ensure that embedded system as a whole works perfectly without any bug/defect. Embedded tesing is performed on hardware. It too helps in documenting the system development meets customer requirements.

Following are the important differences between Software Testing and Embedded Testing.

Sr. No.KeySoftware TestingEmbedded Testing
1TargetSoftware Testing is performed on software.Embedded testing is performed on both software and hardware.
2TargetSoftware testing is performed on client-server orieneted applications.Embedded testing is performed on hardware.
3Testing TypeSoftware testing is generally black box based.Embedded testing can be while as well as black box based.
4ApplicationsWeb and Mobile applications are tested using software testing.Embedded systems are tested using embedded testing.
5TestingSoftware testing is to test software functionality.Embedded testing tests hardware behavior.
6ManualSoftware testing can be manual or automatic.Embedded testing is mostly manaul.
7CostSoftware testing normally takes time and is costlyEmbedded testing takes less time and is not very costly.
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