Difference between Frontend Testing and Backend Testing

A Web based application is generally three tier architecture based application. First layer is presentation layer called front-end, second layer is business layer or application layer and third layer is database called back-end.

Frontend Testing

Frontend testing refers to testing the application UI or presentation layer. It can be manual as well as automated.

Backend Testing

Backend testing refers to testing the backend and application layers. It is normally automated.

Following are the important differences between Frontend Testing and Backend Testing.

Sr. No.KeyFrontend TestingBackend Testing
1LayerFrontend testing is performed on Presentation Layer.Backend testing is performed on Application and Database layer.
2GUIIn Cloud Computing, resources are centrally managed.In Grid Computing, resources are managed on collaboration pattern.
3RequirementTester must have knowledge of the application's functional as well as non-functional requirements.Tester must have knowledge of database structure, the underlying data in the tables.
4PurposeFront-end testing involves the verification of application behaviour working as expected or not.Back-end testing ensures the data is persisting. There is no performance hit.
5Data StorageIn front-end testing, user generally do not make use of SQL queries.In Back end testing, user heavily use SQL queries to store or to fetch data from database.
6PrerequisitesTo automate front-end testing, user must have knowledge of automation tools like selenium, qtp etc.To automate back-end testing, user must have learnt SQL concepts.
7ExamplesAcceptance Testing, System Testing.SQL testing, API testing.