Difference between System Testing and Acceptance Testing.

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As we know that Testing is the major step for any successful delivery of any application. On the basis of level of execution of testing we can classified testing into two as System Testing and Acceptance Testing.

Following are some basic differences between System Testing and Acceptance Testing.

Sr. No.KeySystem TestingAcceptance Testing
1DefinitionSystem Testing is the testing which basically validates the functionality of product developed. Also this testing covers the behavioural as well as functional testing as per the document provided to the tester for testing.On other hand Acceptance testing is the type of testing which is used to check whether the software meets the customer requirements or not. It basically covers the acceptance criteria provided by the client before development of product.
2Performed ByIn general System testing is done by developers as well as testers.While in case of Acceptance testing it is done by testers, stakeholders as well as clients.
3CoverageSystem Testing covers the module basis testing as well as integration testing with multiple modules.On other hand Acceptance testing covers alpha and beta testing which means it is done at both sides i.e at the side of delivery as well as side of client.
4Order of executionSystem testing is generally done after development and before delivery of the product.On other hand Acceptance testing is done after System testing and delivery of the product.
5Test CasesIn System Testing since it is performed by group of testers, it would contain more negative test cases.On other hand Acceptance Testing contains more of positive test cases.
6InputsAll the possible dummy inputs are used in System Testing.On other hand in acceptance testing all the possible random inputs are used.
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