Difference between Performance Testing and Stress Testing

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Performance Testing

Performance testing is performed over the software to test its performance under a particular workload for its sensitivity, reaction time and its stability.

Stress Testing

Stress testing checks the reliability and stability of software under a particular workload. It checks the system for extreme conditions like a heavy load.

The following are some of the important differences between Performance Testing and Stress Testing.

Sr. No.KeyPerformance TestingStress Testing
1PurposePerformance testing tests system performance under varying loads.Stress testing tests system performance for a sudden surge in loads.
2SupersetPerformance testing has stress testing and load testing as its components.Stress testing is a subset of performance testing.
3TargetsPerformance testing checks the reliability, scalability, and speed of the system.Stress testing checks the stability of the system.
4ThresholdPerformance testing is conducted at below and above threshold limits.Stress testing is conducted at above threshold limits.
5ResultPerformance testing ensures that the system is performing perfectly under varying loads.Stress testing ensures that the system can handle a sudden surge in load within given limits.
6ApplicationPerformance testing is conducted by varying loads on the system in a uniform fashion.Stress testing is conducted by increasing the load in a single go.
7LoadLoad varies from low to very high in a uniform manner.The load is increased from low to very high directly.

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