Difference between Static and Dynamic Testing

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As we know that testing is the most important stage in the process of delivery of any application or software as it is only testing which not only validate the quality of an application but also provides an opportunity to the developer to improve its product.

Every application is being developed in some high or low level language which means some code has been written for its development so on the basis of execution of code written for the application there is classification of testing namely static testing and dynamic testing.

Following are the important differences between Static Testing and Dynamic Testing.

Sr. No.KeyStatic TestingDynamic Testing
1DefinitionStatic testing is the testing in which code written for application is not executed during testing phase and only review of code is performed and basis on which defects and code quality has been examined.On other hand during Dynamic testing there is execution of code written for the application and then defects and application behaviour has been examined.
2Nature of testingAs name states static testing does the static verification process in which the requirement and corresponding written code has been verified.Dynamic testing on other hand does the validation process which examines the expected behaviour of the application based on dynamic inputs provided to the application.
3Testing targetAs mentioned above static testing targets to the assessment of code and documentation.On other Dynamic testing targets the runtime bugs/bottlenecks in the software system.
4PrerequisiteFor static testing check-list of application process and documentation is required.On other hand for dynamic testing test cases for execution has been developed.
5Stage of testingStatic testing generally get performed before compilation of code.While Dynamic testing mostly performed after compilation of code.
6Cost to CompanyIn Static testing cost of finding defects and fixing is less also return on investment will be high as this testing involved at an early stage.On other hand in case of Dynamic testing cost of finding and fixing defects is high and also return on investment will be low as this process involves after the development phase
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