Difference between Black Box Testing and Gray Box Testing

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Black Box and Gray box testing are the two types of testing used to test a software which are based on feedback from real customers using real products in real environments, but they are driven by distinct goals and processes.

Following are the important differences between Black Box Testing and Gray Box Testing

Sr. No.KeyBlack Box TestingGray Box Testing
1PurposeBlack Box Testing basically based on external expectations and outer behaviour of the software. It focuses on finding bugs, and determines if the product work how it is expected to work.Gray Box Testing on other hand based on database diagrams and data flow diagrams which ensure release readiness of product and find out upto what mark do customers like the product. It also help to find out the grey areas which need to be enhance for better customer experience.
2Stage to performBlack Box Testing performed after Gray Box Testing when the product readiness is about 80%-90% complete in the stage of the development process and could be tested for general behaviour and expectation.Gray Box testing performed after Black Box testing when the product is 60-80% complete in development and can be tested by technical users.
3Other TermBlack Box testing is also termed as closed box testing.On other hand Gray Box testing is termed as translucent testing.
4TesterFor Black Box testing testers did not require knowledge of implementation in application as testing is on abstract level and general expected behaviour of application is to be tested.On other hand in case of Gray Box testing for testers the knowledge of implementation is required but need not to be expert.
5Nature of acceptanceProduct feature and functionality are being covered under Black Box testing while Reliability and Security Testing are not covered.On other hand Reliability, Security and Robustness are the major focused areas during Gray Box Testing.
6TimeBlack Box testing is less time consuming.On other hand Gray Box testing is comparatively takes more time.
7Issue resolution.Most of the issues or feedback collected from Black Box testing will be implemented in future versions of the product.Issues or bugs found during Gray Box testing are being fixed by the developers in the same release on the immediate basis.
Published on 09-Jun-2020 08:31:44