Difference between Testing and Debugging

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Both Testing and Debugging are the most important steps or practices during the development and after the development of any software or application developed in any programming language. Now on the basis of features and method of practice we can distinguish between Testing and Debugging.

Following are the important differences between Testing and Debugging.

Sr. No.KeyTestingDebugging
1DefinitionTechnically Testing is a process to check if the application is working same as it was supposed to do, and not working as it was not supposed to do.On other hand Debugging is the activity performed by developers to fix the bug found in the system.
2ObjectiveMain objective of Testing is to find bugs and errors in an application which get missed during the unit testing by the developer.On other hand the main objective of Debugging is to find the exact root cause at code level to fix the errors and bugs found during the testing.
3PerformAs Testing is mainly to find out the errors and bugs is mainly performed by the testers. Also if testing is at developer end known as unit testing then it is performed by the Developer.While on other hand Debugging is to find the missing or de-faulty code in an application hence major performed by the developers only.
4Knowledge RequiredAs Testing covers the functional and behavioural flow of an application so only functional knowledge is required for the tester to perform the testing.On other hand Debugging is to find the error at code level so technical and code level knowledge is required for the developer to perform debugging.
5AutomationTesting can be manual or made automated with the help of different tools.On other hand Debugging can't be get automated it is always be the manual.
6LevelTesting on basis of level of performing is at different level i.e., unit testing, integration testing, system testing, etc.On other hand no such level of Debugging is possible.
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