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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - For a binary search algorithm to work, it is necessary that the array (list) must be

A - sorted

B - unsorted

C - in a heap

D - popped out of stack

Answer : A


As binary search divides the list and selects a the sub-list to extend search based on comparison of values, it becomes necessary that the array (list) must be in sorted form.

Q 2 - What data structure can be used to check if a syntax has balanced paranthesis ?

A - queue

B - tree

C - list

D - stack

Answer : D


Stack uses LIFO method which is good for checking matching paranthesis.

Q 3 - Which of the following asymptotic notation is the worst among all?

A - Ο(n+9378)

B - Ο(n3)

C - nΟ(1)

D - 2Ο(n)

Answer : B


Ο(n+9378) is n dependent

Ο(n3) is cubic

nΟ(1) is polynomial

2Ο(n) is exponential

Q 4 - Maximum degree of any vertex in a simple graph of vertices n is

A - 2n - 1

B - n

C - n + 1

D - n - 1

Answer : D


In a simple graph, a vertex can have edge to maximum n - 1 vertices.

Answer : A


In one iteration of Bubble sort, the maximum of the set in hand is moved at the end of the unsorted list. Hence one less comparison.

Q 6 - The number of binary trees with 3 nodes which when traversed in post order gives the sequence A,B,C is ?

A - 3

B - 4

C - 5

D - 6

Answer : C


Five binary trees (of 3 nodes) are possible.

Q 7 - If queue is implemented using arrays, what would be the worst run time complexity of queue and dequeue operations?

A - Ο(n), Ο(n)

B - Ο(n), Ο(1)

C - Ο(1), Ο(n)

D - Ο(1), Ο(1)

Answer : D


As queue is maintained by two separate pointers for queue and dequeue operations, the run time for both is Ο(1).

Answer : A


Heap maintains itself to meet all the requirements of complete binary tree.

Q 9 - If locality is a concern, you can use _______ to traverse the graph.

A - Breadth First Search

B - Depth First Search

C - Either BFS or DFS

D - None of the above!

Answer : B


DFS is a better choice when locality-wise items are concerned.

Answer : B


Project scheduling is an exmaple of dynamic programming.