BlueStacks Alternatives

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is an app player which can be installed on Windows and Mac PC. The software enables you to play mobile games on PCs. BlueStacks app player has been developed for users who love to play games. They can enjoy their game through a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad. BlueStacks also provides customization options so that users can set up the game as per their comfort and preference.

Cost of BlueStacks

BlueStacks can be downloaded and used for free. It is compatible with almost all the apps available in the Google Play Store. Mostly Android users use the app. To play mobile games on desktops and laptops.

Why BlueStacks Alternatives?

There are many advantages of BlueStacks but people also face some drawbacks which are listed below −

  • The buttons on the BlueStacks respond slowly which leads to a bad typing experience

  • Game loading takes a long time

  • The app has auto-rotating mode

  • Picture processing time is slow

How to choose a BlueStacks Alternative?

BlueStacks is a popular software among game players as it comes with many features. Some of these features have been listed here.

  • Play games by using a gamepad

  • Use the control editor to change controls of the game

  • Use performance modes to enhance the experience of playing games

  • Always find new games

  • Trim memory capability can be used to enhance performance

Top 10 BlueStacks Alternatives

The disadvantages of the BlueStacks app have led people to look for some alternatives. Some of these alternatives are as follows −

Alternative 1 – Nox App Player

Nox App Player can be easily installed and used on mac and Windows PCs. The emulator runs all the games smoothly and you can play your favorites easily. You will also be able to download any games or software easily. The user interface of the emulator is easy to use.


  • The software can be used easily

  • Build with Google Play Store

  • The emulator has gamepad support

  • Root access feature is also available

Alternative 2 – MEmu Play

MEmu Play is an Android emulator and is considered as the best alternative for BlueStacks. MEmu app comes with a lot of features. One of the most important features of the app is that it supports Intel and AMD CPUs. Most of the emulators do not have this feature. Even BlueStacks lacks this feature. Multiple instances of MEmu app can run. There are great optimization options.


  • Supports Intel and AMD CPUs

  • A lot of options for customization

  • A great software for Android users

Alternative 3 – Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator is a great alternative of BlueStacks and can be used on Windows PC. This alternative can be easily used with Android phones with a small screen. The functionality of the app is very simple. User interface of the app is also easy to use.


  • Easy to use

  • An excellent BlueStacks alternative to be used on Windows PC

  • Can be used on Android phones with small screen

Alternative 4 – LDPlayer

The performance of LDPlayer is very fast and it is considered as one of the best alternatives to BlueStacks. User interface is simple and easy to use. It is the best Android emulator to play games on Windows PC. Some of the features of the emulator are gamepad control, script recorder, and many others. Multiple instances of the app can be launched.


  • Play games at a fast pace

  • Gamepad support is available

  • Multiple instances of the app can be opened

Alternative 5 – Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is based on Android and you can get a great Android experience with this app. The emulator comes with different types of features like button mapping, manual settings for signal strength, location, type, and many more. The software has been tested on many laptops and no problems were found during the usage. Comparatively, BlueStacks causes some problems.


  • A great alternative for BlueStacks

  • Has button mapping feature

  • It is a free Android emulator

Alternative 6 – YouWave Android Emulator

YouWave is an Android emulator with features like multiplayer games. The emulator has its own app store where users can find a lot of games. The app store also helps to run Android apps on Windows PCs. The emulator is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.


  • A better replacement of BlueStacks

  • The emulator has its own app store

  • Apps can run directly on Windows PC through the emulator

Alternative 7 – GenyMotion

GenyMotion can be used easily with Android Studio and Eclipse. The app is free to use and you test your Android applications through its 3000 built-in setups. You can play games on your Windows computer through this emulator. The user interface is easy to use and you will also be able to use the Graphics Processing Unit to its full potential. No advertisements are included in this app.


  • Android Studio is supported

  • Create and test the app through 3000 built-in setups

  • The app provides high-streaming performance

Alternative 8 – Ko Player

Ko Player is a user-friendly Android emulator which can be installed and used easily. You can run the app on your Windows PC and play all the Android games. Gamepad, keyboard, and mouse can be used to play games. The app can be installed easily on all versions of Windows starting from the 7.8 version. Gameplay can be recorded and shared with friends.


  • Simple and easy to use

  • Play Android games on Windows PC

  • Supports Windows 7.8 and above

  • Mouse, keyboard, and gamepad can be used to play games

Alternative 9 – GameLoop

GameLoop is an alternative to BlueStacks which can be used to play different types of Android games on Windows PC. It is a simple platform where you can browse applications of your choice. Gameloop supports the mouse and keyboard mapping functions. The emulator supports Play Store to make the games more accessible.


  • Mouse and keyboard mapping feature

  • Consists of a Play Store

  • The user experience is awesome

Alternative 10 – Dolphin

Dolphin is another popular name among the alternatives of BlueStacks. The emulator can be used to play different types of Android games on a Windows PC. All the Android games are available on this emulator You will also get the option of Action replay to check different actions.


  • Emulator is easy to use

  • No need to perform much research for games

  • All Android games available on this emulator


BlueStacks is a popular emulator which can be used to play Android games on Windows PC. There are a few disadvantages like slow performance, slow response of buttons while typing, and many others These are the reasons that people look for alternatives.

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023

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