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Create manage user accounts using utility netplwiz

Sharon Christine
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 11:49:47
This article explains that how to manage User Accounts using utility “Netplwiz”. Netplwiz facilitates Administrator to add, remove users and groups and gives wonderful alternate to local users and groups MMC tool. Here people will get to know that how it manages Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 User Accounts and what are the functionalities and features of Advance User Accounts Control Panel(Netplwiz).Functionalities of Advance User Accounts Control Panel(Netplwiz)1. Create/Add User AccountThere are many ways in Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 operating system to create user account among them Advance User Accounts Control Panel(Netplwiz) utility is also there . To create ... Read More

Raspberry pi hacks 8 of the most amazing ones

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 11:34:30
The Raspberry Pi essentially turns your Smart TV into a computer. Discover some of the most amazing Raspberry Pi hacks that you might not even know exist. These hacks can help you use your Smart TV more efficiently and effectively than ever before.Pi WallWith Pi Wall, you can turn a room in your house into an in-home movie theater. Pi Wall allows you to project the movie or show you’re watching onto the “big screen” by transmitting the picture to multiple screens that you have put together to make a bigger viewing area. The catch for all this (and all ... Read More

Ok google a google voice search on chrome beta

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 11:34:07
Google’s ‘OK Google’ provides voice search Hotword extension on chrome browser without typing or clicking. Just visit, Chrome Web Store: to download this new tool in beta version.Situations when our hands are dirty to type through keyboard on browser. In this situation we have to wash our hands to type something. This new Voice Search Hotword beta Chrome Extension given by Google facilitates users to just talk through voice with the chrome browser by saying the infamous command ‘Ok Google’ followed by the question then this extension will do the rest. User can speak to their laptop using ‘Ok ... Read More

What is computer illiteracy and How to treat it

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 27-Apr-2022 09:13:12
I am sure everyone has heard (or maybe said it themselves) someone utter the phrase computer illiteracy at some time. Usually, it is someone who is older that simply was not exposed to computers until recently. The term has been around since the 1970’s. It is a much more important term in today’s world. As computers become a bigger part of our lives, we need more and more skill to stay computer illiterate or we find life becoming harder than it needs to be.What is computer illiteracy?To understand the term computer illiteracy, you have to understand what it means to ... Read More

Payment Digitization in India: An Overview

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 10:27:34
In India, some of the reputed financial services companies in banking domain have started to offer value added low-value payment services to their esteemed customers. However, in European countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Belgium are quite used to this practice because more than 90% of payments happen through the digital mode. Riding a public bus, donating to a religious place, buying street food, newspapers all can be done via a Mobile app or via Cards. In fact, some of these businesses in like Restaurants, Petrol pumps are legally free to decline Cash payments from customers.The concept of E-money was ... Read More

Tips to Boost your Computer Performance

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 10:17:31
The most common problem faced by computer users is that they notice that their computer has become slow and sluggish. For less tech savvy users, they can call a technician for assistance or alter the specification to boost the performance.But remember this particular option is not only expensive but it does not provide immediate results. Even though you may not be a tech savvy person, but you can still follow few simple optimization techniques that you can apply to keep up the performance of your computer and make it good as new.Disk CleanupSimilar to physical cleaning by using mop and ... Read More

OneDrive vs Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Box

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 10:23:34
What is Cloud Storage?Cloud Storage is a method to store, supervise and retrieve your files from data stored on cloud servers. Sticking your files in the cloud is a convenient way of managing data without the fear of losing it. Though it’s not so familiar idea for large number of people, most of the active internet users are already using these cloud storage services. The stored files can be accessed from your phone, tablet, desktop or any other device with an internet connection.Every cloud storage service gives you convincing offerings. But the question is which one to use?? Which one ... Read More

Moving Towards Artificial Intelligence

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 10:12:07
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing topic in the technology and business world. Many of us interact with AI each day, whether it’s Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Google Assistance (Google), Watson (IBM), or many of the other services in our homes and mobile devices.There has been extensive research in this area and further research seems to be inevitable due to its ever growing demand. In this article, we will try to understand the changes in human thinking and evolution of AI and how herculean is the task of matching between them.Incorporating human brain into computer machines is not that easy ... Read More

Gadget Updates for the Week

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 10:09:13
Apple and Beats to Produce Wireless HeadphonesOkay, so the debate hasn’t ended there, when it’s Apple, there has to be drama. While enraged Apple users may want it all for themselves, a lighter phone and earphones, speculations are still going on for the speculation if the iPhone7 will has a 3.5mm headphone jack or not.Beats has been collaborating with Apple to decide how to design the best wireless earphones and if that works out, it could lead to another level up for Apple with the inclusion of this feature being added.They keep us guessing and we wait in anticipation for ... Read More

Mobile Updates of the Week 40

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 10:22:03
1 LG phone – 2 selfie cameras, 2 screensLG renames its flagship smartphone series to  V10 . And it is unlike any other smartphone you would have seen. It is made from macho stainless steel and sports beastly specs of a Snapdragon 808 processor, 5.7 inch display with 2560*1440 resolution, 4GB RAM and a gigantic 3, 000 mAh battery.Ok, those impressive specs come to nothing when you actually find out LG has gone that extra mile to give you some more…, huh, extra. The V10 comes with 2 screens, 1 screen overlaid on top of the other. You might wonder why? ... Read More