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How Can Python Improve Your Digital Marketing?

Radhika Dadhich
Updated on 20-Mar-2023 10:36:17
Living in the age of digital marketing, we have realized the value of information. Therefore, we need more advanced tools for our eCommerce website to search for and process huge chunks of data every day. Moreover, these tools also help to perform repetitive tasks efficiently, including generating reports, gathering campaign performance insights and statistics, measuring conversion rates, analyzing customer behaviors, email marketing, and more. You can perform all these mundane tasks with ease, try adopting Python to gain real-time insights, thus making more informed decisions. In short, there are endless possibilities for using Python to automate your day-to-day processes, ... Read More

Modelling the Secant Method in Python

Dr Pankaj Dumka
Updated on 15-Mar-2023 17:05:48
Secant method is one of the powerful methods to know the x-intercept (zeros) of a polynomial or any transcendental function. In this method, first we select (basically guess) the interval in which we expect the root ($\mathrm{𝑥_{1}}$, $\mathrm{𝑥_{2}}$). Then we draw a secant line to join the points on the function (A, B) corresponding to the guessed values as shown in the figure below. The secant line intersects the x-axis at the point $\mathrm{𝑥_{3}}$, as $\mathrm{𝑥_{3}}$ and $\mathrm{𝑥_{2}}$ are not close (i.e., their absolute difference is finite) we find the point corresponding to 𝑥3 on the curve i.e., C. ... Read More

Modelling the Regula Falsi Method in Python

Dr Pankaj Dumka
Updated on 15-Mar-2023 16:46:15
In this tutorial, I will show you how to find the roots of an equation with the help of Regula Falsi which is also called as the "False Position Method". Let us consider the figure shown below. First we have searched for two 𝑥 values $\mathrm{x_{1}}$ and $\mathrm{x_{2}}$ at which the value of function ($\mathrm{y_{1}} $and $\mathrm{y_{2}}$) are different, means the points should be such that the products of these two should be negative (i.e. they should lie on the opposite sides of the X-axis). As these are not the exact point i.e. the points at which root exist, ... Read More

Modelling the Newton Raphson Method in Python

Dr Pankaj Dumka
Updated on 15-Mar-2023 16:13:20
In this tutorial, I will show you how to evaluate the roots of a polynomial or transcendental equation with the help of a numerical method known as the Newton Raphson method. This is an iterative method in which we start with a initial guess (of independent variable) and then evaluate the new value of 𝑥 based on the guess. And the process goes on till the convergence is achieved. The method is explained with the help of a diagram as shown below. Based on $x_{g}$ the value of function $(f^{'} \left ( x_{g} \right ))$ is evaluated. Then a ... Read More

Modelling the Projectile Motion using Python

Dr Pankaj Dumka
Updated on 14-Mar-2023 16:10:15
Let us first understand some basic concepts and equations based on which the projectile motion can be modelled. The figure shown below explains some basic terminologies of projectile motion. Here, "u" is the velocity with which the projectile is being projected. 𝛼 is the angle of projection of the projectile. The path taken up by the projectile during its flight. Range is the maximum horizontal distance travelled by the projectile. $\mathrm{h_{max}}$ is the maximum height attained by the projectile. Moreover, the time taken up by the projectile to travel the range is called as time of flight. The projectile ... Read More

Which is the Best GUI Software for Python?

Tushar Sharma
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 13:14:50
Python is a very well-liked programming language, and this trend is continuing. The availability of several libraries, tools, and frameworks for developing graphical user interfaces is a major factor in their popularity (GUIs). Graphical User Interface in Python is referred to as Python GUI. It is a technique for developing graphical user interfaces for Python programs. A GUI is a form of user interface that replaces text-based or command-line interfaces with graphical components like buttons, menus, text fields, and images to let users interact with software programs. There are a few factors you need to consider while deciding on the ... Read More

Which is Easier to Learn, SQL or Python?

Tushar Sharma
Updated on 14-Mar-2023 16:39:24
Among the most popular programming languages used today are Python and SQL, each of which offers distinct benefits and drawbacks of its own. What remains to be determined, though, is which one is simpler to learn. This article will examine the degree to which both Python and SQL are tough in order to help you decide which language best meets your needs. SQL Vs Python In the area of technology, programming languages like Python and SQL are both highly regarded. However, deciding which one is simpler to learn might be difficult. To assist you in making a wise choice, we ... Read More

What Kinds of Jobs are Available for a Freelance Python Developer?

Tushar Sharma
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 13:08:24
Python is a popular and often used programming language in different parts of the world. It is a top choice for many projects, from scientific research to web development, because of its adaptability and simplicity of usage. It is obvious that there is a greater demand for Python developers given its acceptance and utility. Freelance Python coders are now even more in demand as a result of the increase in remote employment opportunities. Working on a variety of projects and collaborating with a variety of clients are opportunities available to you as a freelance Python developer. You can find a ... Read More

What is the Next Big Thing in Python?

Tushar Sharma
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 13:06:07
Python, a powerful programming language, has transformed the computer industry with its unmatched simplicity, friendliness, and versatility. If you're establishing a website, analyzing data, or developing artificial intelligence, Python has you covered. Python's rise as one of the most sought-after programming languages in the computer industry is not surprising. What will, however, be Python's next major development? Keep reading to find out! Several new features and enhancements are scheduled for the most recent releases of Python as it continues to develop. Below are a few of the significant developments that Python is anticipated to support. More informative tracebacks lead ... Read More

How do I Input a String From the User in Python?

Tushar Sharma
Updated on 14-Mar-2023 17:12:35
In Python, there are several ways to input a string from the user. The most common method is by using the built-in function input(). This function allows the user to enter a string, which is then stored as a variable for use in the program. ExampleHere's an example of how to input a string from the user in Python −# Define a variable to store the input name = input("Please enter your name: ") # Print the input print("Hello, " + name + "! Good to see you.") OutputThe above code generates the following output for us −Please enter your name: ... Read More
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