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20 Useful Apache ‘.htaccess’ Tricks to Secure and Customize Websites

Satish Kumar
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 10:02:16
Apache is one of most popular web servers in world, and it's used by millions of websites to serve content to users. One of most powerful features of Apache is its ability to use .htaccess files to customize and secure websites. An .htaccess file is a simple text file that can be placed in a website's root directory to control various aspects of server's behavior. In this article, we'll cover 20 useful Apache .htaccess tricks that can help you secure and customize your website. Password Protect a Directory If you want to protect a directory on your website with a ... Read More

Difference between Download Manager and Download Accelerator

Md. Sajid
Updated on 02-Mar-2023 15:23:37
There are two different types of software used when downloading data from the Internet: a download manager and a download accelerator. By breaking the file up into smaller chunks and downloading them all at once is known as the download manager, a download accelerator is a program that accelerates the download process. A tool that helps you organize and manage your download operations is a download manager. While a download accelerator is made to speed up downloads, a download manager is used to organize and manage downloads. Read this article to find out more about Download Manager and Download Accelerator ... Read More

Difference Between T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile Web

Md. Sajid
Updated on 13-Feb-2023 12:27:51
The internet has progressively spread from desktop computers to laptop computers to portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, the internet experience is not the same across all devices due to technology variances. T-Mobile introduced two separate connection offers to give better service: T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile Web. The biggest distinction between T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile Web is the amount of internet access they provide. T-Mobile is a German mobile phone network operator. It is the third-largest cellular network operator. It provides vital services and coverage. Hence it is the third-largest firm. T-telephone Mobile's are reasonably priced. It is ... Read More

How To Add Google Translate Button On Your Webpage?

Updated on 09-Feb-2023 16:12:30
We can add a Google Translate button on our webpage by using the Google Translate API. We need to create a script that calls the API and adds the button to our webpage. Once added, users will be able to translate our webpage to their preferred language. Here's an example of how to add a Google Translate button to your webpage using the Google Translate API − Go to the Google Cloud Console ( − To create a new project, click Select Project and the following section will be visible − Once the ... Read More

Domain Resource Records

Satish Kumar
Updated on 06-Feb-2023 20:38:13
Domain Resource Records (DNS records) are entries in the Domain Name System (DNS) that specify the location of a server, the mail server responsible for a domain, or other information about a domain. There are several types of DNS records, including − A records − A records map a domain name to an IP address. CNAME records − CNAME records allow you to specify an alias for a domain name. MX records − MX records specify the mail server responsible for a domain. NS records − NS records specify the name servers for a domain. TXT records − TXT ... Read More

Central Authentication Service (CAS)

Raunak Jain
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 17:48:47
Central Authentication Service (CAS) is an open-source platform that provides single sign-on (SSO) authentication for web applications and services. This means that users can log in once and gain access to multiple applications and services without having to provide their credentials multiple times. CAS is widely used in educational institutions and other organizations to simplify the process of accessing web-based resources. Overview of CAS CAS is based on the SAML specification and provides a centralized way to authenticate users. It is composed of two main components: the CAS server and the CAS client. The CAS server is responsible for authenticating ... Read More

Difference between Amazon and Alibaba

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 08-Jul-2022 12:30:43
With constant advancement and improvement in technology, there has been a growth of not just one but many sectors of the economy, such as the e-commerce markets. This has led to consumers and producers adapting to buying and selling products on various online platforms; an example of such markets are Amazon, AliExpress, and Alibaba, to name a few.Both Amazon and Alibaba are giant e-commerce companies operating primarily without physical stores. While Amazon dominates the American shopping space, Alibaba does the same in China.We can see that Amazon sells its products directly while also serving as an intermediary for other sellers ... Read More

Difference between Microservices and Web Services

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 06-Jul-2022 12:38:25
Microservices are characterized by their compact size and their independence from one another. They bring a fresh perspective to the modularization of software, which itself is not an original idea. They are separate processes that coordinate their efforts and share information with one another in order to complete a mission inside a more comprehensive programme. Businesses now have the ability to implement new technologies in a more timely and efficient manner than ever before, thanks to Microservices.Web services are any services that are accessible over the internet and are constructed using standard Internet technologies. These technologies are considered to be ... Read More

What is CAPTCHA? (Uses, How it works, reCAPTCHA, Drawbacks)

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 02-Jun-2022 10:06:04
What is CAPTCHA?CAPTCHA is short for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and People Apart. It is a technique used by computers to identify if they are communicating with a human or another computer. As computers become more prevalent and computerized jobs and services become more common, the requirement for improved security has prompted the development of this way for computers to assure that they are dealing with humans in instances when human involvement is essential for safety.Online commerce transactions, Web polls, Web registrations, free email service registrations, and other automated services are all vulnerable to software programs, ... Read More

What are the differences between Azure and GCP?

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 24-Mar-2022 07:24:29
Let us understand the concepts of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) before learning the differences between them.Microsoft AzureAzure is a competitor to AWS with more capable cloud infrastructure. It is formally known as Microsoft Azure, is a service that enables creating and testing cloud based services, deploying and managing them through various data centres which are managed by Microsoft.FeaturesThe advantages of Azure are as follows −AccessibilityProfoundly SecuredCommon senseAdaptable and Cost-Effective ScalabilityDisadvantagesThe disadvantages of Azure are as follows −Requires Management for Effective Use.Your Location can affect its speed.No Access to Windows Client Images.Google CloudGoogle cloud is a public cloud ... Read More
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