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2017 Hot Job Profiles in Information Technology

Sharon Christine
Updated on 13-May-2022 13:47:53
With the fast transition in the trends of IT industry, there comes out the new and innovated designations to comply with. These new job profiles are emerging and capturing the market to help the industry sustain in the fast-paced technology market. Here we are going to discuss few prominent and newly invented positions which are capturing the market and making its space in the traditional boardrooms.Few of these designations existed in the industry, but until now, they didn’t get the recognition. Now due to the changing face of technology, the importance of these designations and their respective areas are coming ... Read More

PMP Vs PRINCE2 – The Clash of Certifications

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 09:44:58
It is very common for IT professionals coming into Catch-22 situation, especially while choosing one among the most famous project management certifications – the PMP or PRINCE2. The question – then, the next question arises – Which certification will help me to get the desired success in my career? and Which one helps me to increase my knowledge base in terms of project management? Will PMP or PRINCE2 certification help me in managing my projects?There are many such questions which come to your mind, isn’t it? Don’t worry! We will help you to solve this biggest dilemma.You can choose the ... Read More

What are the Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence?

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 07:55:46
Artificial Intelligence is one the hot topic in the information and technology which predominantly includes general AI, machine learning, expert systems (which can be the same thing) data mining, Neural Networks and fuzzy systems. These topics have become the most wanted and essential topics among the scholars, students, faculties and professionals.As AI had already created enough impact among the public, this article would help the upcoming generation to know more about the career opportunities that are related to this domain. And we need to understand that fact that, Machine learning is the practical face of AI. It’s about identifying sources ... Read More

How to Configure IT Automation Management Using Ansible

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 09:43:25
This article provides a basic understanding of Ansible technology along with steps to install it. Ansible is an open source IT automation software for configuring, managing and installing software’s on the clients or nodes without any downtime and agent installed on the nodes. It uses SSH to communicate with the clients.Currently, most of the IT Automation tools runs as an agent in remote host, but Ansible needs only an SSH connection, a user and a Python (2.4 or later).Environment Setup DetailsServer Operating System: Centos 6.7 IP Address: Host-name: User: root Remote Nodes Node 1: Node 2: ... Read More

Popular Public Clouds

Sharon Christine
Updated on 17-Jan-2020 11:37:16
Cloud computing plays a crucial role in information and technology sector. It has changed the dimension of the society. Most of the companies are moving towards cloud due to its cost efficiency and scalability. Moving towards a new technology shouldn’t be an additional burden for the organization. Complete analysis on cost aspects of cloud and knowing the advantages of the cloud will avoid such unnecessary issue. As there are few cases where the existing environment will be cost efficient than moving to the cloud. The success of migration depends upon the choice of the cloud. This article will highlight the ... Read More

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Work

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 17-Jan-2020 11:07:20
Google Chrome is one of the most loved browser in today’s IT world. It is fast, reliable, secure and simple. Along comes the huge list of extensions. The extensions are tiny programs, running in the background, which helps in modifying and enhancing the features and functionalities of Chrome browser. Here are the top 10 extensions of Chrome that can really help in improving your productivity at work.Copy All URLsThis is a very useful extension for those who often works on multiple tabs. While working on multiple site if you want to copy multiple URLs, then this extension comes in handy. ... Read More

The Importance of Convincing End Customers in a BPO

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 27-Apr-2022 12:17:17
For any business, be it retail, IT or reality, new clients are hard to come by. It often takes months of grueling follow-up with a prospective customer to actually get them on board. This is exactly why it is critical that we value customers we already have and work harder towards attaining fresh clients.Even the leading BPO companies face stiff competition from one another as well as new ventures, thus making customer retention as one of the prime objectives of a business.There are certain companies that are not affected if a customer shifts loyalty. However, the ideal scenario is one ... Read More

Wot checks whether a site is safe in chrome

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Oct-2019 11:29:35
Worldwide, there are numerous users who use web browser every day and every time for work, entertainment, e-commerce business, search, etc. So, it is necessary for users to know the online site which they can use to know the important task is safe or not. After knowing users requirement, Google chrome has come up with a very interesting extension “WOT”.“WOT” (Web of Trust) displays that on which websites user can belief based on various users’ experiences, worldwide. It facilitates users to visit safely on the website while searching, navigating, and purchasing online.It works on Windows (XP or later), Mac OS ... Read More

Tips for computer illiterates to make money online

Samual Sam
Updated on 09-May-2022 07:20:29
There are a lot of tasks which one may perform to earn money online. This however requires a certain extent of computer knowledge and skills to operate this machine. The basic behind this is that a lot of services are now being served through web based platforms which may be resold or provided by anyone to make money online.Apart from that there are other things too which you may choose to do to earn money online. Some of these services which you may provide are as below. Some of these methods are constrained to be used only by the computer ... Read More

10 ways to solve the problem of computer illiteracy

Samual Sam
Updated on 09-May-2022 07:22:29
Computer illiteracy is a very major issue which must be addressed with care and sensitivity. The impact of the results in this area are manifested very widely. An empathetic approach with sufficient care may transform the very nature of the scenario overall and may benefit the common people the most.Thus it is very important to solve this problem anyhow. Here is a systematic approach chart which may help you to certain extent.Accept – It should be understood that computers are not very complex machines. With the modern operating systems they have become more and more user friendly day by day ... Read More