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Role of Subnet Mask

Updated on 05-May-2023 11:14:35
Subnetting Subnetting is the technique of dividing a huge network into many smaller parts, these logical divisions in an IP network reduce the network traffic and also achieve better performance of the network path. This is used in large organizations when many host devices are connected to a single network where the routing process is carried out during traffic and also increases security. Each device connected to the subnet communicates with one another by using routers. An IP address is used to classify devices on the network which has two parts, the first part represents a network of the address ... Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Updated on 03-May-2023 10:43:46
When many computers are connected, connecting means that they can share data such as text, information, photos, audio, videos and many other services together making a “Network”. When this network happens worldwide, that becomes the Internet. Take a real-life simple example, when you are seeing photos on Instagram, tweets on Twitter, or talk through Facebook, that is when you are connected to the internet. Things are happening worldwide. The Internet is used on a vast level, and it is impossible to imagine our world without the Internet. Not only for personal use, organizations and government sectors are also connected to ... Read More

10 IT Networking Protocols Skills to Land Your Dream Job

Satish Kumar
Updated on 27-Apr-2023 14:49:36
In the world of information technology (IT), networking protocols are essential skills for landing your dream job. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced IT professional, mastering networking protocols is a must-have skill for anyone who wants to succeed in the IT industry. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important networking protocols that you should know to land your dream job. What are IT Networking Protocols? IT networking protocols are a set of rules and standards that determine how data is transmitted over a computer network. These protocols are used to establish a connection between ... Read More

Top Software Design Trends

Priyanka Mangane
Updated on 20-Jan-2023 12:22:31
Are you a software developer or an engineer? Do you want to learn more about the top latest software design trends that will upskill your career skills and increase your business leadership skills? Then, read the article to know more about top software design trends! Technology never stops updating itself, and when it comes to technology and IT, the first thing that strikes everyone's mind is Software. Hundreds and thousands of software are developed daily, and as technology is evolving, many enhancements can be seen in the field of software development. New techniques, technology, tools, and concepts are introduced, making ... Read More

Differences between Agile IT Governance and COBIT

Jui Mondal
Updated on 11-Jan-2023 17:57:46
Information technology (IT) plays an essential role in the current business world in data management and protection. With everything in the world becoming digitized, businesses need to understand the paramount importance of data governance. Every IT company and organization manages several departments to streamline operations and achieve maximum profits. However, handling different departments can be overwhelming, especially when you have to do it manually without the help of tools and technology. There are numerous platforms available for IT companies to help them manage and govern their organization seamlessly and streamline their operations. Agile IT Governance and COBIT are popular platforms ... Read More

Top 5 Myths of Digital Transformation

Gursheen Kaur
Updated on 06-Dec-2022 07:53:07
In the last few years, it has become clear that digital transformation is not just about IT. It’s about how we interact with employees, customers, and partners; how we work together as an organization; and even how we think about our business. It’s a way of thinking that goes beyond what you do during your lunch hour or at the water cooler. The challenge for any organization is how to approach this transformative change. We may have seen great examples of organizations embracing the concept of digital transformation, but there are still many misconceptions about what this means for all ... Read More

Computer Network - Definition, Components, Objectives

Shubham Vora
Updated on 23-Jan-2023 15:11:53
PCs are incredible things; however, they genuinely sparkle when they are important for an organization. When a gadget is associated with an organization, it can achieve a lot more, including web surfing, conveying and working with partners, looking into data, putting away information, and managing a monetary exchange, in addition to other things. A PC network is a ton of gadgets related through joins. A middle point can be a PC, printer, or other gadget arranged to send or get the information. The affiliations imparting the middle focuses are known as correspondence channels. PC Affiliation incorporates conveyed managing in ... Read More

Difference between DevOps and SysOps

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 21-Jul-2022 12:16:35
The introduction of cloud computing was a significant step in the advancement of technology and carries with it an exciting prospect for the future. The debate between SysOps and DevOps is becoming increasingly prominent as a result of the proliferation of new technologies that are entering the field of cloud computing.What is DevOps?The culture of software development known as DevOps encourages close cooperation between the software development team and the operations team in order to boost both collaboration and productivity. In addition to this, the technique entails the implementation of DevOps concepts and practices, as well as the use of ... Read More

What are the challenges of a Computer Network?

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 17-Mar-2022 06:58:44
Let's try to understand what reliability challenges for computer networks are.This can be defined as packet loss, bandwidth saturation, and latency, but this type of information would be really unhelpful to those IT companies whose networks are small, and failures not well under- stood & might be limited to rebooting.Five reliability challengesThe reliability challenges for a computer network are as follows −Host IdentificationThe Host ID is the portion of an IP address that uniquely identifies a host on a given TCP/IP network.The smaller networks can be easily configured with the help of manual addressing, but it becomes a serious problem ... Read More

Difference Between Informed and Uninformed Search

Updated on 29-Apr-2021 06:15:33
In this post, we will understand the difference between informed search and uninformed search −Informed SearchThey contain information on goal state.It helps search efficiently.The information is obtained by a function that helps estimate how close a current state is, to the goal state.Examples of informed search include greedy search and graph search.It uses the knowledge in the process of searching.It helps find the solution quickly.It may or may not be complete.It is inexpensive.It consumes less time.It gives the direction about the solution.It is less lengthy to implement.Uninformed SearchThey don’t have any additional information.The information is only provided in the problem ... Read More
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