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How to Configure IT Automation Management Using Ansible

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 09:43:25
This article provides a basic understanding of Ansible technology along with steps to install it. Ansible is an open source IT automation software for configuring, managing and installing software’s on the clients or nodes without any downtime and agent installed on the nodes. It uses SSH to communicate with the clients.Currently, most of the IT Automation tools runs as an agent in remote host, but Ansible needs only an SSH connection, a user and a Python (2.4 or later).Environment Setup DetailsServer Operating System: Centos 6.7 IP Address: Host-name: User: root Remote Nodes Node 1: Node 2: ... Read More

How to use ansible for setting up production elasticsearch servers with cluster

Samual Sam
Updated on 18-Oct-2019 06:40:48
In this article, we will learn how to use Anisble to configure and install production Elastic Search cluster on CentOS7 which ensures that the Elasticsearch nodes will be secure from outside network .we will use VPN services to connect to the clusters.Elasticsearch is a very popular open source search, server which can be used for real-time distributed search and analysis of the data for better performance, stability and for scalability we need the Elasticsearch to be deployed across multiple servers as a cluster.PrerequisitesWe need a minimum of three CentOS 7 server environments with private networking since the Elasticsearch cluster needed ... Read More