Tips for computer illiterates to make money online

There are a lot of tasks which one may perform to earn money online. This however requires a certain extent of computer knowledge and skills to operate this machine. The basic behind this is that a lot of services are now being served through web based platforms which may be resold or provided by anyone to make money online.

Apart from that there are other things too which you may choose to do to earn money online. Some of these services which you may provide are as below. Some of these methods are constrained to be used only by the computer literate people who will be mentioned separately. But few other are services which may be provided by anyone by just investing some money and some common understanding of things and issues.

Resell services

You may resell various services offered only on web platform. These services may range from ticket booking, information providing to application and result processing. These are very common type of services and are used by the people around everywhere. Your services will be consumed by the people who do not own the machine at their home or are away from their homes. This is however a recommended method to opt for by the computer literate people. But a large range of these services can also be provided by the computer illiterate people by employing skilled staff or just letting the customer do the task. However you must specifically mention self- service only in this case.

Cyber café

Cyber cafes are also sought after services in both rural and urban areas. The surge in this segment is due to the wide range of services being deployed with the help of ICT infrastructure and unavailability of the matching number of machines. The beauty of this service is that these can be provided by the completely compute illiterate people also. However you may ask for the help of professionals who initially installs all machines in your premises. You may also consider employing skilled staff.


Freelancing is also in demand. It means being employed to a number of employers simultaneously. You may switch on and off to various employers depending upon the nature of work you like or do not like. There are all kinds of works available for freelancing. There are web development, account management to data entry and design works which might be undertaken by anyone to earn some money. However the method is best for the people sufficiently educated. But it is not to say that freelancing cannot be done at all by the computer illiterates. They can hire services of the counselors and they can help in setting up of an account. After that one may learn simple steps which may be needed throughout the work procedure.


Investing in various cyber affairs is another way to earn money. It can be done by anyone irrespective of the knowledge background. Usually one sought for the professional help in matters of investing their money so one need not to have computer literate in this scenario. All one may require is business sense.

Apart from that you may earn online by deploying websites with service charge or advertisement. It can be done easily with the help of an expert.

Updated on: 09-May-2022


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