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Difference between Nanotechnology and AI

Md. Sajid
Updated on 19-Jan-2023 14:15:12
Artificial intelligence and nanotechnology work well together to develop real-world applications. Both technologies are new today; many people see AI and nanotechnology as science fiction. We can produce more powerful AI if the two technologies are closely interconnected. People cannot spend a single day with outusing smartphones or smart watches. The personal virtual assistant on your smartphone is one of your smart device's most significant technical advances. The virtual personal assistant works by using artificial intelligence or AI technology. AI is a revolutionary technology that makes devices smart, intelligent and responsive. Another key driving factor beyond the present technological revolution ... Read More

Exploratory Data Analysis on Iris Dataset

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 12:45:01
IntroductionIn Machine Learning and Data Science Exploratory Data Analysis is the process of examining a data set and summarizing its main characteristics about it. It may include visual methods to better represent those characteristics or have a general understanding of the dataset. It is a very essential step in a Data Science lifecycle, often consuming a certain time.In this article, we are going to see some of the characteristics of the Iris dataset through Exploratory Data Analysis. The Iris Dataset The Iris Dataset is very simple often referred to as the Hello World. The dataset has 4 features of three ... Read More

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 12:02:48
Introduction Simultaneous Localization and Mapping or SLAM is a method that let us build a map and locate our vehicles on that map at the same time. SLAM algorithms are used for unknown environment mapping and simultaneous localization. How is SLAM useful? Engineers can use SLAM for avoiding obstacles and also use them for path planning. SLAM software allows robot systems, drones, or autonomous vehicles to find paths in unknown environments and difficult terrains. This process involves a high amount of computing and processing power. SLAM can be useful for mapping areas that are too small or dangerous for ... Read More

Role of Log Odds in Logistic Regression

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 12:00:56
Introduction Logistic Regression is a statistical method to predict a dependent data variable based on the relationship between one or more independent variables. It makes use of log odds and with the help of a logistic function, it predicts the probability of an event occurring. It is a classification method. What are Log Odds and Why are they Useful for Logistic Regression? Logistic regression is used to predict binary outcomes. For example, in an election, whether a candidate will win or not, whether SMS is spam or ham, etc. Odds are the ratio of the probability of success to failure. ... Read More

Locally Weighted Linear Regression in Python

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 11:38:29
Locally Weighted Linear Regression is a non−parametric method/algorithm. In Linear regression, the data should be distributed linearly whereas Locally Weighted Regression is suitable for non−linearly distributed data. Generally, in Locally Weighted Regression, points closer to the query point are given more weightage than points away from it. Parametric and Non-Parametric Models Parametric Parametric models are those which simplify the function to a known form. It has a collection of parameters that summarize the data through these parameters. These parameters are fixed in number, which means that the model already knows about these parameters and they do not depend on the ... Read More

Implementation of Whale Optimization Algorithm

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 11:29:40
Introduction Whale Optimization Algorithm is a technique for solving optimization problems in Mathematics and Machine Learning. It is based on the behavior of humpback whales which uses operators like prey searching, encircling the prey, and forging bubble net behavior of humpback whales in the ocean. It was given by Mirjalili and Lewis in 2016. In this article, we are going to look into the different phases of the WOA algorithm A History of Humpback Whales Humpback whales are one of the largest mammals on Earth. They have a special type of hunting mechanism known as the bubble−net hunting mechanism. They ... Read More

Image Recognition using MobileNet

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 11:25:08
Introduction The process of identifying an object or feature with an image is known as Image Recognition. Image recognition finds its place in diverse domains be it Medical imaging, automobiles, security, or detecting defects. What is MobileNet and Why is it so Popular? MobileNet is deep learning CNN model developed using depth−wise separable convolutions. This model highly decreases the number of parameters when compared to other models of the same depth. This model is lightweight and is optimized to run on mobile and edge devices. There are three versions of Mobilenet released so MobileNet v1, v2 and v3. Mobilenet ... Read More

How to Improve UX With Machine Learning?

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 11:16:41
Introduction User experience (UX) is how a person or user interacts with a product, service, or system encompassing everything from ease of usage, and its usefulness to efficiency. Today, Machine Learning can provide an intuitive user experience through modeling, customization, clustering, and segregation. In this article, let's have a look at how Machine Learning is revolutionizing User Experience. Why does User Experience Matters? In the case of a business that needs to attract customers or to make sales via a website or mobile app UX is almost needed. The duration of time the user spends on these platforms, their search ... Read More

How to Calculate Percentiles For Monitoring Data?

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 12:32:47
Introduction Monitoring online systems, especially which are data intensive is extremely essential for a continuous health check, analyzing and detecting downtimes, and improving performance. The percentile−based method is a very efficient technique to gauge the behavior of such a system. Let's have a look at this method. A General Refresher What are percentiles and why are they useful? In statistics, the value which indicates that below which a certain group of observations falls is called a percentile or centile. For example, for a student, if he/she has scored 90 percentile marks, it means that 90% of the students have scored ... Read More

Handwritten Digit Recognition using Neural Network

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 30-Dec-2022 12:14:28
Introduction Handwritten Digit Recognition is a part of image recognition widely used in Computer Vision in Deep learning. Image recognition is one of the very basic and preliminary stages of every image or video−related task in Deep Learning. This article lets an overview of Handwritten Digit Recognition and how Image recognition can be extended to multiclass classification. Before going ahead let us understand the difference between Binary and Multiclass image classification Binary Image Classification In Binary image classification, the model has two classes to predict from. For example in the classification of cats and dogs. Multiclass Image Classification In Multiclass ... Read More
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