10 ways to solve the problem of computer illiteracy

Computer illiteracy is a very major issue which must be addressed with care and sensitivity. The impact of the results in this area are manifested very widely. An empathetic approach with sufficient care may transform the very nature of the scenario overall and may benefit the common people the most.

Thus it is very important to solve this problem anyhow. Here is a systematic approach chart which may help you to certain extent.

  • Accept – It should be understood that computers are not very complex machines. With the modern operating systems they have become more and more user friendly day by day and anyone with very little instructions may use them. This fact should be understood this way that mobile phones were also considered the object of complexity but today even the illiterates are using them efficiently and for their own good.

  • Head out – Thus the start point will be to let go the fear of these devices and start learning them instead. It is but natural to feel hesitation when we put our step in an entirely new area. But in this case it must be understood that it is a very beneficial exercise which you are going to take. You should always remember that neither it is a matter of shame or harm which might impede you in getting your objective done.

  • Ask for help – The next step is to actually approach a center which may guide you to some extent in this area. In big or small cities sufficient amount of infrastructure is available and if you belong to any urban center you may easily find someone. The problem may arise if you are in rural area. But in that case too there is a lot which you can do. You can find any social worker or non-profit organization which may help you in this regard.

  • Benefits – Remember to you and your family computer literacy may change entire solution. You can guide your whole neighborhood in this area and guide them in direction of progress.

  • Get helped from authorities – You should approach appropriate authorities to know the programs run by government for this segment. Government is trying very hard for the rural literacy in every regard and thus the help rendered by authorities may make your approach even more strong and effective.

  • Presets – Let go off any presets in your mind and prepare yourself actually to learn this.

  • Patience – Do not get frustrated with the initial failures and always remember that all this is new to you and it is but natural to fail a few time.

  • Motivation – Keep your moral and motivation level high. Always remember that once you will have basic skills in this field an entire new sphere of knowledge and information will open. It will help you very much for getting your livelihood.

  • Be firm – Do not get frustrated when you have preliminary problem regarding getting help from the authorities.

  • Adopt – Bring the new learnt skills in your regular life. By using these skills you can save a lot of time and can do other productive works which are wasted in non- productive tasks.

Always remember that once you will know the basic skills your tasks will become a lot less hectic and you will be able to utilize services being served through computer based platforms.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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