SAP PM - Single and Composite Roles

There are various roles that are defined in Plant Maintenance to perform different functions. Key roles include −

Maintenance Manager

In Plant Maintenance system, the maintenance manager is responsible to manage budget, cost and other maintenance activities arising from Maintenance notifications.

The maintenance manager monitors all the maintenance activities in an organization and has the sole responsibility for managing all the tasks.

The maintenance manager is responsible for all people management activities in the plant and the maintenance department which includes tasks-recruitment decisions and assigning tasks to service providers and suppliers.

Technical name of the role − SAP_WP_MAINTENANCE_MANAGER

Maintenance Planner

In SAP Plant Maintenance, the maintenance planner is responsible for planning maintenance tasks based on incoming malfunction reports. The maintenance planner is responsible to raise maintenance orders, order type, scope, resources, and schedule of the tasks delivery.

Technical name of the role − SAP_WP_MAINTENANCE_PLANNER

Maintenance Engineer

In SAP Plant Maintenance, the maintenance engineer is responsible for creating blueprints for technical systems and check the efficiency and maintenance of technical objects.

The maintenance engineer is also responsible for master data - Bills of Material, maintenance plans and notification in Plant Maintenance system.

Technical name of the role − SAP_WP_MAINTENANCE_ENGINEER

Maintenance Supervisor

In SAP Plant Maintenance, the maintenance supervisor is responsible for ensuring that work is executed on time and is the point of contact for technicians, external suppliers and vendors, and other organizations.

The maintenance supervisor is responsible to manage order-related budget allocations to ensure that they remain as per the assigned budget limit.

Technical name of the role − SAP_WP_MAINTENANCE_SUPERVISOR


In SAP Plant Maintenance, the technician is responsible to execute the daily maintenance work. Various work orders are assigned to technicians and the daily status is posted to Maintenance Work Orders.

Technical name of the role − SAP_WP_MAINTENANCE_TECHNICIAN


SAP PM Consultant should have good experience in SAP Plant Maintenance activities. Working experience on Materials Management, Plant Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance and Refurbishment and Warranty Claim Processing.

The consultant needs to have an understanding on establishing pieces of equipment and functional location structure, maintenance BOMs.

The consultant also needs to perform preventive maintenance, measuring points and counters, warranties and permits. Maintenance planning including notifications, calibration, maintenance orders, and execution is also performed by the consultant.

Other responsibilities include, integration of plant maintenance with material management, quality management and production planning modules.

The consultant should have knowledge on how to design and build SAP PM/EAM solution. Fair knowledge on E2E Implementations in SAP ECC is also desired.