Composite Providers in HANA Studio

You can also create Composite Providers in SAP HANA Studio → BW Modeling.

Log on to the BW Modeling Perspective with your BW credentials and attach your HANA system using the context menu on your top project level folder, choosing the option Attach HANA system, without which you will not be able to include native SAP HANA models in your Composite Provider.

Navigate to InfoArea under BW Project → Context menu → New → Composite Provider.

Navigate to InfoArea

Enter the Composite Provider name and description. Click Finish.

Enter Details

In Editor, you can see the following tabs −

  • General − Shows the properties of Composite Provider.

  • Scenario − In this tab you add InfoProviders and HANA Views to Composite Provider. Go to Scenario tab and you will see the default binding type. Click the Add sign.


When you click the Add sign, you will be prompted if you want to select an InfoProvider or HANA view. To perform a search, enter * and you will see a list of available objects. Select any object that you want to add to the Composite Provider.

Click Add Sign

Similarly, add an InfoProvider to your Composite Provider. Next is to add the fields from Source to Target by dragging the fields. You can use Expand all to expand all the objects added. You can also apply a filter to search a particular field.

Add InfoProvider

Go to the output tab and you can see the mapping of added objects.

Output Tab

Next is to check and activate BW object.

Activate BW Object

You can also analyze the result in the Problems log of this perspective.

Analyze Result

To preview the data in HANA Studio, use the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner → Show Preview.

Show Preview
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