SAP BW on HANA - Hybrid Modeling

Using Hybrid provider, you can quickly access the data because of Hybrid architecture and the old historical data is mixed with new data. Hybrid provider provides a high level of system performance for analyzing data in queries.

Following types of Hybrid Providers can be used −

Hybrid Provider Based on DataStore Object

These hybrid providers are based on the combination of DSOs and InfoCube. As part of the Hybrid architecture, new data is stored in DSO and InfoCube provides aggregate.

When you execute a BEx query on HybridProvider, the data is read directly from the InfoCube. If you want to read the data from DSO, you have to change the request in BEx designer.

Go to Properties → Advanced in BEx Query Designer and choose the request status as 2.

The DSO and InfoCube transformation is 1:1 and you can’t change this transformation.

Hybrid Provider Based on DataStore Object

In Hybrid Provider, data can be loaded from any type of source. All of the data is stored in the BW system or in the BW Accelerator.

Hybrid Provider Based on Direct Access

In this hybrid provider, data is based on the combination of Virtual Providers and InfoCube. The new data is directly read from the source system using Virtual Providers.

This allows you to access real-time data without any delay. You can load the data only from specific data source.

Hybrid Provider Based on Direct Access
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