SAP BW on HANA - Advanced DSOs

Using HANA optimized objects, you can achieve better performance for analytical reporting and data analysis. DSOs of SAP BW are automatically optimized for activation in SAP HANA database. When you migrate SAP BW on HANA, all standard DSOs are moved to SAP HANA database in a column storage.

To use advanced DSOs, you should have SAP HANA database support pack 08 or higher version and in the backend you should have SAP BW 7.4 SPS9.

Create an Advanced DSO Based on HANA Database

Go to SAP HANA studio → BW Modeling Tools

To create an Advanced DSO, right-click on your InfoArea and choose New DataStoreObject (advanced).

Create Advanced DSO

Provide the following details and click Finish.

  • Enter the name of DataStore - The technical name can be between three and nine characters long. If you have a namespace for the DataStore object (advanced), the name can only be eight characters long.

  • Description of the DataStore

  • Select an Object Template

Provide Details

You can create a Transformation from your standard DSO to Advanced DSO that you have created in HANA database. Go to SAP BW system, expand InfoCube and copy transformation from the existing DSO to the new Advanced DSO.

Create Transformation

You can create a new transformation and load the data to new Advanced Data Store Object.

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