SAP HANA Live provides improved analysis quality on all business suite applications. There is no requirement of BW modeling or ABAP programming and you can access the reporting framework using open standards - SQL and MDX.

Use of Virtual Data Models hide the complexity of SAP business suite applications and data is available with ease of access on data models. Virtual Data Model consists of the following types of view −

Query View

They are used for direct use in a HTML5 based Analytical application or to be used in an Analytical tool like BusinessObjects. Query views are normally not reused in other views and always remain on the top of hierarchy.

Reuse View

These views are the heart of virtual data models and are reused in other views. They are not designed to be directly used in other analytical tools - Business Objects.

Private View

They are based on database tables, other private views, or reuse views. They do not contain any clear business scenario so they are not classified as reuse views and hence cannot be used with other views.

HANA Live Architecture

SAP HANA Live virtual data models are designed on the top of SAP Business suite tables. The data provided by virtual data models can be used using HTML5 based applications or with analytical tools like SAP BusinessObjects.

Following is the diagrammatic representation of the architecture of SAP HANA Live.

HANA Live Architecture

All reporting in SAP HANA Live is based on the underlying computing engine and on realtime data from SAP Business suite applications, hence there is no need to wait for data load.

In case, customers want to create new reports to enhance the existing ones, they just need to make changes to virtual data models or create new HANA models to support the report development quickly.

Create New Reports

Technical System Landscape for SAP HANA Live

Following two approaches can be used for the deployment of SAP HANA Live on SAP Business suite.

Side by Side Scenario

In this scenario, you have two systems and data replications occur using SAP Landscape Transformation. To execute SAP HANA Live views, you need to replicate the corresponding tables in HANA database.

Integration Scenario

SAP HANA Live and Business Suite system shares the same SAP HANA appliance and this scenario is suitable for applications, which run directly on SAP HANA.

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