Project Quality Management


Here is a list of sample questions which would help you to understand the pattern of questions on Project Quality Management being asked in PMP Certification Exams.

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(1) Measured quality of a manufactured product is :

  1. Always constant

  2. Continually decreasing

  3. Subject to a certain amount of variation

  4. Continually increasing


(2) The process control charts are used:

  1. to graph what typically focuses on the prevention of a problem

  2. to detect the problem

  3. to reject the problem

  4. to determine the acceptability of the same

Answer: A

(3) When a record is made of an actual measured quality characteristic, such as a dimension expressed with thousands of an inch, the quality is said to be expressed by:

  1. traits

  2. variables

  3. attributes

  4. properties

Answer: B

(4) Which of the following is the most efficient means of product quality inspection?

  1. Acceptance sampling

  2. 100% inspection

  3. Variable sampling

  4. a and c


(5) The primary components of the quality management function are :

  1. quality planning

  2. quality control and assurance

  3. quantitative measurement

  4. quantitative assessment of the project

  5. a and b


(6) Setting the number of defects before the lot is rejected, is a direct responsibility of :

  1. a functional worker

  2. the project manager

  3. management

  4. the accounting department

Answer: C

(7) Which of the following has the greatest effect on product's reliability and maintenance characteristic?

  1. conceptualization

  2. product design

  3. fabrication

  4. a and b

Answer: D

(8) On a project the project manager should strive for a "Quality Level" that :

  1. is the highest level possible

  2. is as close to the project objectives as possible

  3. represents the least cost to the project.

  4. Exceeds the specified requirements of the project.

Answer: B

(9) Quality control in the final analysis is :

  1. using the technical procedures of monitoring project results to decide if the outputs meet the requirements

  2. a production system

  3. an inspection system

  4. fitness for purpose

Answer: A

(10) Quality costs include :

  1. the total of all costs incurred to assure the production and delivery of acceptable products and services.

  2. Only costs classified as prevention, detection and corrective action.

  3. Only the cost of scrap, rework due to defects, customer returns and warranty costs.

  4. The expense of upper management

Answer: A