Project Human Resource Management


Here is a list of sample questions which would help you to understand the pattern of questions on Project Human Resource Management being asked in PMP Certification Exams.

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(1) From HR perspective, the project manager's responsibility in the planning role includes:

  1. Hiring the team

  2. Developing work schedules

  3. Forecasting

  4. Feedback sessions

  5. Both b and c


(2) Expert power is the power that comes from the amount of knowledge a person has obtained in a specific area. This type of power is:

  1. Critical to a project manager because the PM has to have as much or more knowledge than any of the team members to make sure the project is completed successfully

  2. Used by the PM to influence upper management and the critical stakeholders

  3. Important if the project manager wants to maintain the respect of the project team

  4. Used sparingly if at all by the PM because the PM cannot stay current on all areas of expertise and also manage the project

Answer: D

(3) To successfully motivate a team in today's high tech - high demand environment, which motivational theories should the PM use to maintain a happy, productive team?

  1. Expectancy and Theory X

  2. Theory Y and Maslow's Hierarchy

  3. Theory Y, Expectancy and Herzberg's Hygiene Factors

  4. Herzberg's Hygiene Factors and Expectancy

Answer: C

(4) To successfully manage a project, the PM must play both a manager and leadership role. In the manager role the PM will do all but which of the following:

  1. Develop procedures

  2. Align people

  3. Produce results for stakeholder

  4. Focus on the organization and its structure

  5. Both b and d


(5) To be successful in a functional organization, the PM must rely on:

  1. Referent power

  2. Formal authority

  3. Informal power structure

  4. Broad span of control

  5. Both a and c


(6) Which form of power is the LEAST effective from the project manager's viewpoint in terms of influencing functional managers?

  1. Formal power

  2. Expert power

  3. Penalty power

  4. Referent power

Answer: C

(7) The Project manager should be able to fulfill the role of:

  1. an integrator

  2. a functional manager

  3. a line manager

  4. a sponsor

Answer: A

(8) The most successful project manager usually:

  1. works their way up from assistants in the project office to full-fledged project managers, supplementing that experience with formal education.

  2. Comes right from Harvard's MBA program into managing very large projects.

  3. Is considered the technical expert of their field.

  4. Has considerable experience as a functional manager before moving into the project management arena.

Answer: A

(9) Which of the following is an important action that must be taken by top management when implementing project management in an organization?

  1. Completely selling the project management concept to the entire organization.

  2. Choice of the type of project manager.

  3. Choice of the type of project organization to be utilized.

  4. All of the above.

Answer: D

(10) The project manager has the most authority in the __________________ type of organization.

  1. Project expediter

  2. Matrix

  3. Projectized organization

  4. Functional

Answer: C