Java TimerTask Class


The Java TimerTask class represents a task that can be scheduled for one-time or repeated execution by a Timer.

Class declaration

Following is the declaration for java.util.TimerTask class −

public abstract class TimerTask
   extends Object
   implements Runnable

Class constructors

Sr.No. Constructor & Description

protected TimerTask()

This constructor creates a new timer task.

Class methods

Sr.No. Method & Description
1 boolean cancel()

This method cancels this timer task.

2 abstract void run()

This method represents the action to be performed by this timer task.

3 long scheduledExecutionTime()

This method returns the scheduled execution time of the most recent actual execution of this task.

Methods inherited

This class inherits methods from the following classes −

  • java.util.Object

Running a Timer Task for a given Schedule Example

The following example shows the usage of Java Timer run() method to run the timer operation as per schedule. We've created a timer object using a CustomTimerTask object. CustomTimerTask is custom class extending TimerTask class and implements the run() method which will execute at scheduled time. Then we created a timer object and scheduled a task using scheduleAtFixedRate() to execute at every 100 milliseconds starting from now.

package com.tutorialspoint;

import java.util.Date;
import java.util.Timer;
import java.util.TimerTask;

public class TimerTaskDemo {
   public static void main(String[] args) {

      // creating timer task, timer
      TimerTask tasknew = new CustomTimerTask();
      Timer timer = new Timer();

      // scheduling the task
      timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(tasknew, new Date(), 100);

      try {
      } catch (InterruptedException e) {
         // TODO Auto-generated catch block

class CustomTimerTask extends TimerTask {

   public void run() {
      System.out.println("working on");


Let us compile and run the above program, this will produce the following result.

working on
working on
working on
working on
working on
working on