HTML5 - Useful Resources


The following resources contain additional information on HTML5. Please use them to get more in-depth knowledge on this topic.

Useful Links on HTML5

  • HTML5 − W3C Working Draft for HTML5

  • HTML5 Draft from WHATWG − Working draft of HTML5 from WHATWG community.

  • Canvas tutorial - MDC − Learn how to use HTML5 canvas feature in your web pages.

  • Introduction to HTML5 − Learn how to use HTML5 in your web design or web application.

  • W3C Specifications List − A comprehensive list of W3C standards. You will find most latest versions available on this page.

  • A Web standards checklist − Max Design provides a great resource for the standards world: A Web Standards Checklist. The list is meant to help folks understand the breadth of standards and provide a tool for developers.

Useful Books on HTML5

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